Wednesday Randomness: Writing/Blogging Space – Ideal vs. Reality

Happy Wednesday. Today’s topic? Writing spaces. Our reality vs. our ideal.

To be honest, I don’t have a dedicated writing space right now. With four kids, the bedrooms are all occupied, so no office for Jess just yet. And that’s okay. The challenge comes when I settle down to write and the chaos descends. And most of it is just normal, everyday stuff – no one is being obnoxious or anything. Just chatting, watching a movie or show, joking around. And I’m not going to stop that (especially if it’s not an argument or disagreement. If they are getting along, I’m not interfering!), and let’s face it, the living room and kitchen are common areas, yeah? Can’t exactly kick them out. So I’m a bit of a nomad within my own house when it comes to writing.

I write in the living room during the day for the most part, but when kids start getting home or on the weekends, if it gets too noisy or distracting, I’ll either move to the kitchen or my bedroom. I’ve even gone out and sat in the car for some privacy and quiet when we’ve had a houseful of guests.

So yeah, no dedicated writing space, but the bright side of that? I pretty damned flexible and can write most places without too much difficulty.

Even out in the woods camping with the fam...
Yes, even in the woods while camping with the fam…

I was going to provide pretty pictures of what I’d LIKE my office to be when all the kids are grown and away (if that ever happens LOL) but time has gotten away from me again. Definitely a pattern with me, as you’ve seen. o.O

So I’ll leave you with a list of must-have in an office.

1. A desk – I don’t always work at a desk or table. I actually get very uncomfortable in one position for too long, but there are certain things I prefer to do sitting at a desk/table. Plotting, for example, goes smoother for me if I’m at a desk. Go figure. But I just go with it.

2. A comfy couch or chair & ottoman – Like I said, uncomfortable staying in one position for extended period so flexibility is the key.

3. A window – I need sunlight. Though I sometimes doubt the sun’s existence in the long winter, still need that window. In my DREAM world, outside that window would be a view of Lake Superior. *sigh*


4 – Bookshelves – Lots & lots of bookshelves.

5. Some pretty but resilient plants – Love plants but tend to kill them. But I would like some pretty plants around me especially through the aforementioned long winter.

That’s about it, really. Check out the writing/blogging spaces – real and ideal – of the other ladies. 🙂

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Until next week!


4 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: Writing/Blogging Space – Ideal vs. Reality”

  1. I had to give up my office when youngling #3 was born. I moved my desk into the living room for the next two years, then we moved to our current house. The desktop is on the desk in the combined office/granddaughter’s playroom/daughter-granddaughter bedroom (formally known as the DINING ROOM), but since gaining my laptop four years ago, I work at the kitchen table. I’ve tried sitting on my bed, but my legs cramp too much, and there’s no room for a TV tray in there. (sigh)

    Lately it seems every time I open my document, there’s an imaginary alarm that goes off, meaning my name MUST be called; there’s an urgent matter only MOM can solve, or suddenly everyone MUST use the microwave/look in the freezer/needs a snack because my chair blocks the doorway to this access point. I even tested this theory a few weeks ago. I played on FB; updated my blog; watched NetFlix. No one bothered me. But the minute I opened my document, within 5 minutes I was called to change a diaper, get up so the cookies could be accessed, listen to a long-winded story about what the spouse had seen on a TV program, or something the youngest was doing on Minecraft. I shut down the document and all distractions left…I ended up watching an uninterrupted hour of Ink Master. Sheesh!

  2. You’re like me, no dedicated writing space. Maybe that’s a good thing since we can write anywhere. And another water view for ideal space. We all need to move near a beach or something.

  3. I envy how you can write while camping. Fresh air = nap in my life. Never thought about writing in my car…the introvert in my applauds this idea.

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