Wednesday Randomness: Wordless Wednesday: Pic a Day for a Week

Okay, so i totally cheated. This is definitely not wordless. I’m enjoying my week with one of my besties, the awesome Kris Norris. She’s here visiting before we head off to retreat. So I’m putting this post together early and scheduling it since I’ll be in the land of little to no connection for the week.

SATURDAY – This lovely mug was a gift from Norris. Oh, Canada, eh! 

SUNDAY – Puppy is so sad her daddy has left on another trip. Looking at me with those sad, sad eyes…heartbreaking.

MONDAY – Norris and I MAY be binge watching The Night Shift. o.O We have no regrets. None!

TUESDAY – Made Slutty Brownies….becasue my weather app (WTForecast) said it was a good day to make them.

WEDNESDAY – Had to educate Bron on what a keener was via text.

THURSDAY – I think….I THINK we’ve gotten enough pop for the week… (Don’t judge! Even though I judge myself… LOL) 

FRIDAY  – Had to hit Applebee’s for lunch…it’s “our place” – mine, my hub’s and Norris’ LOL

Bronwyn Green | Deelylah Mullin | Kris Norris

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  1. I love the WTForcast. I have them all the time. Just didn’t know what to call them until now. Thank you! (I think I may need that fudge recipe.) Hope y’all are having fun on retreat. I can’t wait for the pictures. Oh yeah, a book or two too. 😀

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