Wednesday Randomness: Who’s Haunting Me?!

So today we’re talking about who we’d want to haunt us and who we wouldn’t want to haunt us. This was actually harder for me to think of than I thought it would be – could be sick-brain and general craziness happening in life right now. I don’t know. LOL

So here are my thoughts.

If the tragedy struck and Colin Morgan were to die, I’d want him to haunt me. Not a surprise to anyone. And I feel like spirit/ghost Colin would just know that it was his destiny to come to me. I’m fairly certain of this.

Other than that I dont’ have any specific people, really. But I think I have a definite type. I’d want to be haunted by someone funny. Thoughtful. Entertaining. Because if I’m going to be haunted, I’d like it to be a good time.

So the who I wouldn’t want to haunt me is fairly easy. I don’t want a whiner. Or a negative presence. I have to deal with enough negative people in life as it is – and not much I can do about that – so if I’m going to be stuck with a ghost…let’s just avoid that. Make it a good expereince 😉

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2 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: Who’s Haunting Me?!”

  1. A good time is sooooo important. And, I so agree with you, no whiners or crybabies. I mean I understand whoever it is would be dead and all, but jeez louise if they’re lucky enough to haunt you they should enjoy themselves

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