Wednesday Randomness: What Makes Me Happy

Happy Wednesday! Today, we’re talking about what makes us happy.

The list is plentiful for this girl so I’ll limit myself. I’m fairly easy to please, I swear. LOL

My family-That goes without question, yeah? They can drive me insane sometimes – 4 teenagers in the house, people – but I coudn’t do without them. And my extended family is included in this. They make me smile.

My friends – They are the absolute BEST. Seriously. They get me, every aspect, good or bad. Can’t beat that. And when I get to talk to them, or even better SEE them, I burst with happiness.

Books – This has always been a guaranteed way to make me happy. Books, books, books. Curling up with a good book is essential in my life.

Writing – I may bitch, I may procrastinate, and drive myself insane, but I chose to do this for a reason. When I don’t write…it’s evident in my mood. To myself and to everyone around me. It’s necessary. Plain and simple. And despite all the ups and down, bottom line is it makes me happier than anything other career path I could have chosen.

Writing Retreat – Yes, one week of the year makes the list of what makes me happy. It is to the point that, when the current retreat is barely over, I’m already counting down to the next one. It’s my light at the end of the tunnel when things get crazy and overwhelming. I get to spend a week with people I love beyond reason. I actually write but also find time to just have fun. It’s pretty damned amazing.

And a list about what makes me happy wouldn’t be complete without…


No one is surprised by this, are they? He just makes me happy. I told you I was easy to please!

And just to be fair, this guy makes me pretty happy too (and since making other people happy makes me happy…you’re welcome, Chris. 😉 )

Bradley new 2

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Until next week!

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