Wednesday Randomness: What I Hate About Writing

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What I hate about writing… This is a weird one for me, because the writing itself? I love that. Everything leading up to the writing, the hurdles I have to jump to get to that point? That’s what I hate.

I hate that other things take time–not that I necessarily hate those other things. Some things take priority–such as family. Always–or just need to be done. I just hate when writing becomes second or last in the list, no matter how necessary everything else may be.

I hate when I sit down to write and I’m just too tired to word. Sometimes, sleep has to happen and frankly is going to happen whether I want it to or not. I have fallen asleep with my computer in my lap too many times to count.

I also hate the feeling I get when I don’t write. When I’m not able to do what I love, when I disappoint readers by not getting books out when I wanted to, when I feel like I have to go to extremes to make up for lost time.

But the writing itself…Love it. Always have and believe I always will.


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  1. I love that you love to write. To bad life has to get in the way of your love of writing and my love of reading. *sigh* But well . . . here’s to life! We have to have that too – as frustrating as that can be. Thank you.

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