Wednesday Randomness: Top 10 Things I Believe to be True

Happy Novemember!

We have a top ten today. Top 10 Things I Believe to be True.

10 – It’s never too late to change.

9 – And change is necessary. (Even though it will be hated and resisted)

8 – You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

7 – Miracles happen.

6 – You are drawn to the people meant to be in your life.

5 – It’s okay to ask for help.

4 – The relationships I have – with my husband, my children, my other family, my friends – are worth putting the time and effort into. They are worth fighting for…every single day.

3 – There is more good than not in the world – even if the good is more quiet/hidden than it should be.

2 – In the face of questionable or horrific action, being silent is as bad as or sometimes worse than making excuses for that behavior.

1 – Love is love is love is love is love.

Bronwyn Green | Deelylah Mullin | Gwendolyn Cease | Kris Norris

4 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: Top 10 Things I Believe to be True”

  1. Great list! I agree about that change bit. It will happen! Even when we resist and hate it! But it is meant to be. Yep! Thank you.

  2. Wow you and Gwen really upped the anti this week. Great list. Yes to all of it, and I wish I’d thought of some of them to put down.

    The best things in life are worth fighting for, even if the struggle is only with yourself.

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