Wednesday Randomness: Top 10 Story Tropes

We’re talking our top 10 story tropes today. Jumping right in….

Workplace Romance – Love in the workplace, and all the awkwardness that can ensue…sign me up. I was actually taken aback when I realized I’ve never written a workplace romance…how is that even possible? A frickin’ tragedy, that…and should be remedied in the future. 

Returning Home – Especially when home is a small town and there are issues. Maybe it’s the small town girl in me that loves that setting, I don’t know, but I really enjoy stories with this trope.

Fling to a Thing – I love when one or both characters go into it with the expectation that it’s gonna just be a fling – all short-term –  and then, it becomes so much more. With feelings, even. Le sigh.

Age difference – I will be honest, I tend to go for the Older Woman/Younger Man before an Older Man/Younger Woman, but I adore them both. So very much. Like an unhealthy amount of adoration.

Reunion/Second Chance – Who doesn’t love second chances? Okay, I’m sure there are people who don’t like those stories, but that’s not me. I quite enjoy seeing characters with histories – often bad one with legitimate things that drove them apart and have kept them apart – coming back together and, ultimately making it work.

Redemption – Okay, one of my favorite, FAVORITE things is when a character makes good. Whether it’s one of the protaganists or one of the baddies… I want the tragic back story, I want to understand why they did what they did, I want to CRY for them and root for them and see them better and happier and in love and all that.

Angst/Hurt/Comfort – O…M…G I eat this up. So much, it’s not even funny. Seriously, with a freaking spoon! Everyone who knows me knows I adore the angst SO FREAKING MUCH. Just take a look at my Albion’s Circle series, and you’ll know just how much… 😉

Secret Relationship – Please, secret relationship is prime real estate to build angst, baby. Sign me up. Also, even though it’s not required for me,  I dp love when there is humor woven in, too – like, how they keep it secret, what they tell others, times when they slip in conversation or are almost caught…

Enemies to Lovers – A very close second for my absolute top trope. An enemies-to-lovers story will suck me right in. From the initial attraction to how they decide to deal with it…angry sex, anyone? Yes, please…to how they make it work.

Friends to Lovers – This has always been a favorite of mine and would be my instant answer if someone asked me for an absolute favorite. The first book I ever finished and published was a friends to lovers. I love seeing the hero and heroine figure out how they’re going to navigate the change in their relationship, especially when they know each other really well and they’re thrown for a loop.

Honorable Mentions Professor/Student (but not in a creepy way LOL), Soul Mates/Destined (but it totally has to be done right…no instalove with no conflict except external…) and Them Against The World (when no one else thinks the couple will make it, or even understands how they’re together…)

*Fling to a Thing
*Age Difference (Older Woman/Younger Man)
*Secret Relationship
*Secret Relationship

~Within the Albion’s Circle series~
*Reunion/Second Chance
*Friends to Lovers
*Enemies to Lovers…kinda

~Within the Seeking Shelter series~
*Fling to a Thing
*Friends to Lovers
*Them Against the World (in a very literal way…)

Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease

3 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: Top 10 Story Tropes”

  1. *clears throat and prepares to place order*

    I super need you to write a workplace romance. With extra angst/hurt/comfort and a side of secret relationship. Please and also thank you.

  2. Oh yeah, work place romance!! I agree with Bron you need to write one. And of course friend to lover is so awesome.

  3. Good list. Did Bronwyn’s request get seconded? Okay then, I third it! 😀

    In the mean time, I really need to read your Albion’s Circle series. I know I have one or two on the tbr mountain. I need to go read now.

    Thank you.

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