Wednesday Randomness… Tips, Tricks, and Tools I Use to Organize My Writing

Happy Wednesday! Today we’re talking about…

My organization, particularly when it comes to writing…is very much a work in progress.

I have some things I do that helps me stay on track – and some of it may seem redundant but it works for me.

Number one on my list of things that help me organize my writing is my bullet journals. Yes, plural. I have a regular bullet journal that I track pretty much everything I do – house stuff, family stuff, self-care stuff, writing stuff, editing stuff, blogging stuff. It is really the go-to for me.

It is not fancy and pretty – though my cover is gorgeous (thank you, Bronwyn, for making it for me! You can see her own cover on the journal behind mine. She will be selling these and other gorgeous things at an Etsy store soon. Be on the lookout for Granola Girl Creations.)

My set up is pretty simple. You can see in the pic – the start of a week I haven’t filled in yet – I have a page that is just a week at a glance, that’s were I put appts for pretty much the whole family, and things like that. Then, each day gets half a page. This is where I list what I need to do that day and hope at the end of the day, I’m able to fill in all the little squares.  Again, simple, but it keeps me on track like nothing else I’ve tried before.

So, I guess my tip here would be to find a system that works for you – whether it’s a ready made journal/planner or something you create yourself. It took me a while to find this way, but I’m so glad I did.

My second bujo is solely for writing. It’s a traveler’s journal that Bron modified to me – the booklets used to be stitched in, but she went to town on that bad boy, took the stitching out and put in elastics so I could put what I needed in there and then switch them out. I have a small notebook for every series.

In the notebooks, I put pics of what I imagine my characters to look like, track the progress of each book, put notes about the characters (physical descriptions, backstory etc) and plot out the stories themselves.

I also keep track of things on a spreadsheet. Some of it is a repeat of what is in my bujo, yes, but I use the spreadsheet for future planning – looking at big picture when it comes to scheduling –  and the lovely excel spreadsheet does all the math for me so I can track words written, edited, and blogged (weekly, monthly and yearly). I also have pages that has info on all my books – published and not yet published, notes on Bound books (usually typed as Bron and I are chatting), my blogging calendar, names I’ve used and names I just really like and may use one day in a book, and trackers from previous years. Nothing ground-breaking, but it works for me and like with the journal/planner, it took me a while to tweak it to work best for me.

Another tool? Pens. Seriously. Bron will tell you (I’m visiting her now and have several times in the past so she has firsthand knowledge), I cannot go in a store without meandering down the pen aisle (likely the notebook/journal aisle as well because you can never have too many notebooks). I always have pens with me, and I also use them in my main bujo. I color code the crap out of that things. Writing stuff is purple, editing stuff is orange, social stuff is blue….and so on and so on.

I can’t be alone in my pen love, right?

The last thing I’ll mention is writing friends and the power of holding each other accountable.

I have amazing writing friends, who are understanding and loving but never hesitate to give me a swift kick in the ass when needed. Finding ppl like this and building a support system – and being that support in return – is invaluable. And I’m lucky AF to have the group of friends that I do. I don’t know what I did to deserve them, but I will never take them for granted.

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10 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness… Tips, Tricks, and Tools I Use to Organize My Writing”

  1. The FSS {Friendship Support System (TM)} is the best and most important thing in the world. And it’s not available at Office Max *or* Michael’s. (Unlike your daunting pen collection.) 🙂

  2. PenWhores unite! *high fives*

    Writing is such a solitary act–having accountability somewhere really helps. I need my support system (family) to be a little more…firm. I need to hear, “Did you make word count?” and then, make sure I sit my ass down and do it instead of rewatching another episode of Z: The Beginning of Everything. Well, not make sure–that’s on me–but suggest, maybe?

  3. I fucking love spreadsheets and a very unhealthy habits with collecting journals. You are one of my peoples and I hope I am also one of yours. Though, you will always be the OG Jess! Can’t wait to see you soon! (Also, I have a pencil that will blow your mind…)

    1. Hell yes, you’re one of my people! And proud to be one of yours.

      I’m insanely curious and excited to see this mind-blowing pencil… 🙂

  4. I love pens . . . in fact I love them so much I . . . borrow them from people. I will also cruise Target endlessly looking for new pens. *sigh* And you are so right, you gotta have the support group. People who understand what you’re going through.

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