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First, I apologize for being the late kid again with this post. Traveling home yesterday was brutal and I basically collapsed into bed when I got home.

I’ve a feeling this is going to overlap with Bron’s choices in her post as we were sitting on her couch throwing out movie titles as we talked about this post. I’m could probably go on quite a bit on this topic but I”m going to keep it simple. Here’s a sample of the movies I consider a big part of my childhood and think of and rematch with no little amount of nostalgia – despite the problematic things that often make me cringe as I do so. LOL

tAG_11628This movie…omg, guys, THIS MOVIE. I’m not going to do this for every movie but this one… Picture if you will, a family of five living in a small 2-bedroom apartment as their home is fixed up after a house fire. It’s already crowded and not the best of situations. Now the kids – about ten, eight and four years old – get the chicken pox. Yes, the freaking chicken pox. This is the horrible, cramped, itchy scenario that led the parents to buy their very first VCR. And this little diddy, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, was one of the tapes the kids got to watch. The youngest, in particular, loved this movie so freaking much. She could sing along to the opening song (which is not in English) and pretty much knew every line of dialogue as well.

If you are even a little curious, go search youtube…it’s there. Enjoy. 🙂


I love this movie, so so so SO very much. The first time I saw it was in a drive-in. It was amazing and I will always love this movie – on it’s own merit and the warm fuzzies I have because of it.

The rest…not really going to say anything on them – I think they speak for themselves, and I’m certainly not the only one who has a love and nostalgia for them. 🙂

Oh, John Hughes, the impact you had on my youth…

MPW-25074 heathers Star-Wars-Original-Trilogy-Artworkb1df1065cbcacfce766bca8da3eaffb4

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  1. I never got into BeetleJuice or Heathers (although I’ve seen both). My teens were defined by John Hughes. I also recall catching a very young Tom Cruise in a secret viewing of Risky Business!

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