Wednesday Randomness: Nostalgic Notes – Games


Short and sweet from me this week. Still recovering from my bout with the plague – or pneumonia or whatever. When thinking of games from childhood, these are the first that came to mind. 7d49c522fb08bc90c37e963518217e3d

Heads up, 7-up – The best days at school involved this one. images

Played Yahtzee as a family. Loved it.

Red Rover – the one playground game I can actually remember. Don’t think I was necessarily good – I’m not good at games and/or sports at all – but I remember it and remember having fun, so…there you go. a_game_of_rummy

Rummy – another family game. And I have fond memories of playing this when my grandparents would come visit. Always a good time.

Bronwyn Green | Deelylah Mullin

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  1. Hahah. As a (semi) retired teacher, the best moments of my first three years of teaching consisted of Heads Up 7-Up! It was the only peace I had during class until I got the iron fist of classroom discipline down! We used to play Yahtzee as well, but I’ve no strong feelings either way.

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