Wednesday Randomness: Naming Characters


This week we’re talking about naming characters. How we do it. If we have any favorites.

My answer for how I choose names? It depends. Sometimes, it’s just a name I like. Sometimes, I’m stuck with a name because they were a secondary character in another book, and their story has come to me (it is something that happens to me quite often, believe me!).  Sometimes, I don’t have a choice because I’m writing my version of an established myth or legend – like my Albion Circle series about King Arthur and his knights and Merlin reincarnated. Couldn’t exactly change their names. 🙂

I don’t really choose names based on their meanings or anything. I will glance at a name’s meaning if I’m considering it, but it’s not really a deciding factor for me. I will look at names based on the ages of my characters – what names were popular in the years they would have been born. Or based on where they were born, particularly if they were born in another country.

I kind of wish I had more of a process, but I really don’t. I look at baby name books, I jot down names in my notebook or phone if I see any I like, but that’s about it.

Now, favorite names… Here’s a couple of my faves, in no particular order. I honestly don’t have reasons other than just really liking the names. 🙂

Finley (Fin) – Shadows of Fate
Griffon – Intended
Luca – Tempted to Death
Maddock – Your Lies (serial)
Oliver – Tempted to Death
Rhys – Waters of Fate
Will – Albion’s Circle

Aelwyn – Devoted
Annwyl – Albion’s Circle
Avalon – Albion’s Circle
Chloe – Refuge
Darcy – The Boy Next Door
Delia – Your Lies (serial)
Neiva – Waters of Fate

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