Wednesday Randomness: My Dream Yard

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week’s topic is Dream Yards.

This probably won’t be a cohesive picture of what I want my yard to look like. It’s more a hodgepodge of things I’d like in a yard–they don’t necessarily go *together*. LOL

I would love a place to entertain outdoors like this. I adore the fireplace and grill/kitchen area. 

Or this, guys, THIS…
I’m yearning for an outdoor oven ….It should totally happen.
A water feature scores high on my list. I would love to have something like this in my yard. To be able to sit outside, listen to the water as I read, wrote, or just lazed about. 

I would love the knowlege, time and patience to have a good vegetable garden in my yard. I *do* grow some veggies, but nothing big. I am quite infactuated with the idea of growing my own produce, but thus far, I haven’t had the time to make this happen. I really should work on that. 
AN HERB GARDEN! I want it so badly. I love to use fresh herbs and growing them would be fabulous. 

And what yard would be complete without…
…a hammock to relax in. Perfect for curling up with a book or for a nice nap in the breeze. 

And I sure would like to find these in my backyard… 
What? Norris wants pretties in posts…and they’re all outside! And it’s MY dream yard. I want them in my dream yard. 😀 
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Until next week!

3 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: My Dream Yard”

  1. I love the water feature! It’s huge like my feature is, which is hilarious. How big can it get before it can’t be called a “feature” anymore??? And the men, oh yeah, I will cuddle up with Tom and he can read to me.

  2. I live in Canada… it’s cold up here sometimes. I deserve pretties in my yard, damn it! Do any of those guys play hockey? ‘Cause I think they have to play hockey… I love the water feature. And yeah, I’m with Gwen. I think it gets to the point where you have a bit of house with your water. And the oven! Shit, I might actually cook if my yard had one of those!

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