Wednesday Randomness: My Collections

Happy, happy Wednesday! Today, we’re talking about things we collect.

This was a head scratcher for me, because I don’t really collect anything. Honestly. And I have reasons for that.

One, I lose shit all the time. I’m quite ridiculous. Devoting time to collecting something only to lose it…well, that just sucks.

Two, there is enough clutter in this house without me adding to it. Clutter makes me twitchy (meaning I’m twitchy all the time LOL). And what’s the point of collecting something just to have it get lost in the chaos?

Three, when the kids were little, collecting things (especially anything of value) seemed an iffy move, particularly if I wanted it displayed in any way.

So there you have. No collections for Jess. And I’m okay with that.

Although, do my pics of Colin Morgan and Bradley James count as collections? Hmmm


arthur arthur2

So maybe I *do* have a collection. 😉

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