Wednesday Randomness: Mad Skills…I have’em…maybe

Happy Wednesday! This week, the girls and I are talking about things we’re good at. I’ll admit this topic is hard for me, because I am very uncomfortable talking about myself. Correction – I’m just fine listing things not so flattering about myself, but the good stuff? Well, that’s just bragging, isn’t it? And all my life, one thing you do NOT do? Brag. (STOP BRAGGING!) And heaven forbid someone pay me a compliment, because I will then have to list ALL the reasons why whatever the person is complimenting isn’t all that. Seriously, I can’t be the only one with these issues? Please, let me not be the only one!

And this is where I’ll admit I whined to Bron on the phone…


But I shall overcome this and think of something to put in this darned post. Positive things. Because we all know how easy it’d be to say something like, I’m a pro-level procrastinator (and pretty much everyone who knows me will say this without hesitation, sadly) 🙂 But we’re going to keep it positive, people. POSITIVE!

So…I’m a good cook. Not just following recipes but improvising as well. I’ve gotten fairly good at taking what I have and making something fairly good with it. And baking… I can admit I’m pretty damned good at baking. And I love to do it. I don’t get to do it enough, but now, we’re getting into the holiday season, and I make more time to do it. So yay!

I’m thrifty. A skill that grew out of necessity when I was a young mom at home, and we were living on one income. But it’s something I’ve continued, because let’s face it, I have four teenagers, which means life in general isn’t cheap. Add in the fact college is right around the corner… Seriously right around the corner – my oldest turns 18 in just over 2 months and will be graduating in the spring. So saving pennies where I can is a big deal, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

I love to brainstorm and I think I’m damned good at it. Not just my stuff, but helping others. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of asking the right questions, but it’s fun as hell and rewarding. And I love doing it for my stuff and with my friends when they’re stuck on something.

I’m good with schedules. Figuring out what needs to be done and what has to happen to get there. Following through on the schedule is a whole other story (see the pro-level procrastinator comment above). Well at least when it comes to writing. I can stick to a schedule with all the other stuff in my life – writing just tends to get shoved aside when the other stuff comes up. But I’m working on that. So if I can just stick to the spreadsheets and schedules I make for myself, I’ll be golden… :-/

And that is all I’ve got right now, folks. Make sure to go check out the mad skills of the other Wednesday ladies.

Bronwyn Green • Gwendolyn Cease Kris Norris

Until next week!



7 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: Mad Skills…I have’em…maybe”

  1. You are an *amazing* brainstormer! And your schedules are things of wonder! Yeah…I don’t stick to mine, either. o.O

    I’m in awe of people who know how to cook without recipes. That’s straight-up wizardry, Jarman!

  2. Accept compliments. Say thank you. There is nothing wrong with being good at something or looking good. This female trait of downplaying ourselves must stop! Men don’t do this. We women shouldn’t either. Just saying.

    I am jealous of your ability to cook without recipe.

    Procrastination is an art in itself. We procrastinators work best under pressure. 😀

    1. Absolutely right, Missy. It’s ridiculous how ingrained it is in us to always put ourselves down, even in such little ways.

      Most of the time I revel in my ability to work under pressure, but lately it’s been more stress than stimulating. LOL

  3. I love how you fit Colin Morgan into your post!! LOL! That’s awesome! And your cooking skills are up there with my sister’s skills. You two are scary!! You’re an amazing author and I love to brainstorm with you. It’s so much fun tossing out “What ifs” about stories. So you do have mad skills.

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