Wednesday Randomness: January 2019 Brain Dump

Not a whole lot to brain dump, this time around. Since the first of the year, I’ve been focusing on writing daily, and have been managing that. So definitely happy and a wee bit proud of myself on that front.

I had one kid, my oldest son, move out (for school) and miss him like crazy. And had another one, my younger daughter, come back home. Not that she was gone long, and we knew she wasn’t gone for good yet. It ties into the other thing on my mind. Her boyfriend of nearly 3 years was sworn in yesterday morning and is off to basic training for the Air Force. Very proud of this guy, who has become family to all of us, and I know the next couple weeks especially are going to be tough for my girl.

She also brought this girl with her.

Who definitely is NOT supposed to be on the bed. Luckily, it was washing bedding day, anyway, so I didn’t get to worked up about my allergies going crazy come bedtime. Also she’s too darned cute. Though, I still show her who’s boss, even if my daughter keeps referring to me as Grandma when she talks to the dog.

And that’s it from me…my mind is a simple place, right now. Writing and family. 🙂

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5 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: January 2019 Brain Dump”

  1. From my experience, kids do not leave “for good.” My kid keeps coming back and yes, brings critters with her. This last time, it was a dog. But they are gone again, for a while. I never know for how long. They were with me for about eight months this time. Before that it was a couple of years. *sigh* How old is she? She will be 39 on March 3. I keep hoping she will get her stuff together, but . . .

    I do miss her. I even miss the dog.

  2. First… hell yeah, be proud of the daily writing. This is huge and the book is soooooo good. Second… hugs to all. I know it’s going to be hard with him away.
    And third… I THOUGHT THE DOG WAS STAYING AT HIS PARENT’S HOUSE? We all knew this was going to happen, damn kids… And yes… too freaking cute. That’s what gets us every freaking time. Also, this is why I get the dogs, so I’m never Gramma…

  3. Grandma *snicker* I’m so excited for you writing every day. That’s huge!!!! And, awesome for Youngest’s BF joining the military. Congrats! But, at the same time, downer for her. At least, she has the cutest puppy in the universe to snuggle.

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