Wednesday Randomness: I’m Thankful For…

Happy Wednesday! In light of celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, we are talking about the things we are thankful for this week.

Even when life is a big ball of crap and one bad thing after another is happening – and we’ve all had times like that, haven’t we? When it all just piles on? – I like to think I’m pretty good at reminding myself of the good in my life.bannerfans_14114375

So here’s what I’m thankful for… Of course it won’t be a complete list. I can acknowledge there’re more things in my life I should be thankful for that I probably take for granted. And even those things I do acknowledge…well, we don’t need to be here all day, do we? We have things to do!

Family – The family I built with my husband. The family I was born into – my parents, sister & brother. The family I’ve gained through marriage – mother & father-in-law, many brothers-in-law & sisters-in-law, and neices and nephews. My extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I am so, so blessed to have some pretty amazing people in my life. People who love me, support me, encourage me.

  • I’m going to specifically mention my kids, because they are pretty awesome. They are growing up into extraordinary people and it’s a joy and privilege to be able to witness that.
  • And I have to talk about the husband, on his own, not part of a whole. This is a man who has always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. The love and support he gives…I wouldn’t know what to do with them. Without him.

Friends – My close circle of friends, who honestly could easily go in the family category, because that’s how I see them. My friends are pretty much full of awesome. They are always there, to listen, to support, to love, to encourage, to kick my ass when I need it. And, every day, I hope I’m able to give them what they give me.

My job – How freaking lucky am I that I get to do what I love for a job? I know that is a rare thing, and it is one thing I don’t take for granted! To be able to take a love of writing and make that my career…freaking amazing.

My husband’s job – I will bitch when he has to travel for work and may groan when the hours are long, but seriously, so so so so SO thankful he has a solid, steady job – one he enjoys and is good at.

Basic comforts – I have a roof over my head, warmth inside these walls, a bed to sleep in, clean water to drink and food in my belly. Blessed.

All the extras – That we can, and do, get to have things that we don’t NEED. There’s plenty we have that we could certainly do without (though we don’t want to think about that!), and I think it’s important for me to remember when I’m complaining or upset because I can’t go this or get that.

Finally, I’m thankful we were able to travel this year to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving. Later today, we’ll be heading to the UP to spend the holiday with my parents and my sister and her family. I can’t wait.

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Until next week!

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  1. Never, ever sick of you mentioning Colin Morgan. *g* And you have a good list! And your fam is the best!! Love you girl and I’m so glad you’re my friend

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