Wednesday Randomness: Finding the Balance


Ah, balance. I have yet to find it. I’ve come close…really close at some points in the past. Now is not one of those times–believe me. This year has been rough. A lot of stuff that just…sucked. The last of which was surgery – minor but the recovery is taking a bit longer than expected.

Anyhow, so I have no great insights on how to find balance. I wish I did. I do know that what works for me…isn’t going to work for everyone. Heck, my way may drive other completely batty and vice versa. So, it’s about finding what works for you.

These days, as I mentioned, I’m struggling. Aside from the challenges this year has thrown at me, I have… Well I have a lot of stuff to juggle. Family stuff, more than one day/other job, in addition to writing. Writing, all too often, gets shuffled to the end of the pile. Which triggers mental crap that is all to familiar. The endless cycle of self-doubt and recriminations.

My inner voice at these times is:


I’m getting past that. I’m definitely better at that than I was years ago.

One thing I’ve found that works for me, that gives me a chance of grabbing hold of that balance, is having a routine (or more than one throughout the day). My brain works better with routine – hey, my kids come by that honestly! A tool I’ve found that helps me so much with that…a bullet journal. Thank you, Jenny Trout, for introducing me to this fabulous little tool! It is literally keeping me on track lately. Ticking off the boxes every day is keeping me in forward motion.

(Here’s a link that explains and layouts the basic idea of it. There is a crapton of stuff on bullet journals online. A google search will yield a lot for you. Can be as simple/minimalistic or elaborate as you want it to be.)

So, for me, continuing to use my journal is my stepping stone to finding, and keeping, the balance I need in life.

And that is it for me this week. I’m off to get some much-needed rest after maybe…probably…okay, definitely overdoing today.


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