Wednesday Randomness – Fave Things – Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest, oh my!


Time for another Favorite Things post. This month, we’re talking about our favorites on social media.

Some of my fave follows on Twitter – not in order or anything. Just random. 🙂

@HillywoodShow / @HannahHindi / @HillyHindi

@CW_TheFlash / @grantgust

@CW_Arrow / @amellywood









So, Pinterest… I’m not on Pinterest as often as I used to be…though it is still my go to for recipes, I will admit. I can still waste tons of time looking at clothes or funny things. Oh, if I search Doctor Who, Jane Austen, Merlin…you can count on not seeing me for a while. So, even though I don’t have any particular people or boards to share, it doesn’t represent how I feel about Pinterest–which, in case it wasn’t clear, is mad, mad love.

And lastly – though not in my heart – is Tumblr. It is truely my happy place, people.

Um, so yeah, fanfic… I definitly go to Tumblr to find the good stuff… The Best Of Merlin Fanfic,  AO3 Feed for Merthur Fanfic being the 2 big ones. Also, dear dollophead

Jenny Trout, Bronwyn Green, Mighty Viper – They post funny stuff, they GET my rabid fangirlness and post about stuff I care about.

Athurian stuff, which I LOVE – Mistress Pendragon, fuckyeaharthuriana

basicmom – SO FREAKING FUNNY. Definitely NSFW. But always always makes me smile.

Elena Johansen – One of the sweetest ppl I know ,and her blog has amazing stuff, writing related and otherwise.

Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn CeaseJessica De La Rosa

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  1. I love Pinterest!!! I probably spend more time than I should on it. And I probably should check out tumblr … for research and stuff

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