Wednesday Randomness: Do You Believe?

Happy Wednesday! This week, the gals and I are talking about ghosts – have we ever had any ghostly encounters? Do we even believe in ghosts?

Personally, I believe in ghosts. Or spirits or whatever you’d call them. I believe there is more than just life; there’s something beyond. What, exactly? Well, that’s something I just don’t know. Don’t pretend to. As far as spirits go? I believe they can attach themselves to places or people. It makes sense in my head, I guess. If a person has an strong connection to another person or place, why would that connection hold even after the physical body is gone?

Have I ever had any encounters? Well, I haven’t ever come face to face with a ghost. But… In high school, school plays wouldn’t be done in the auditorium or gym or anything like that. We’d perform in the Calumet Theatre.


Absolutely gorgeous building, rich with history. If you’re ever in the Copper Country of Upper Michigan, go check it out.

Anyway, we’d end up there late the nights of dress rehearsals. It was a bit spooky, I’ll admit. Especially up in the dressing rooms back stage. I remember getting make up on all alone in one of the rooms, hurrying to get down to the stage because we didn’t have a lot of time left.

I felt felt a presence… You know that feeling when someones standing RIGHT THERE? But I looked and nobody. I can’t say that it was a scary thing. It wasn’t. I didn’t suddenly feel cold or anything like that. It was just this persistent feeling someone was there; I just couldn’t see them.

I always thought where I grew up – Calumet, Michigan – had to be rife with ghosts. An old mining town, the site of the Italian Hall Disaster (I have photos of the stone arch that still remains at the site, but alas, it is on my laptop. My. Dead. Laptop) … How could it not be?

I’ve had other times, little instances, where I’ve thought some ghostly presence must be there, but nothing really outrageous or anything. But I do believe. 🙂

And that, my friends, is it for me this week. Back to work with me. 😀 Check out the other ladies thoughts on the subject…

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Until next week.

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