Wednesday Randomness: Best & Worst Sex Scenes

This week, we’re talking about the Best & Worse when it comes to sex scenes.

Worst sex scenes, in my opinion, have one or more of the following:

  • No reason to be having sex at that point in the story. Sex for sex’s sake.
  • Stilted dialogue. Sooo uncomfortable, though I have laughed while reading some, just imaging some dude, or worse, my husband saying something like that in the middle of sex.
  • Shying away from real talk. For example, calling a cock a love sword…. That is just… Just no.
  • No connection to the characters. I need to see, feel, hear, smell what the character whose head I’m in is. Otherwise I feel no connection whatsoever and that makes it boring for me.
  • Speaking of connection… When the characters have no connection. I’m not saying they have to be in love, particularly early in a book, but there has to be something. If it’s all physical and lust-driven, I want to feel that. If other emotions are creeping in, I want to feel that.
  • When suddenly what they are doing is so out of character with no explanation given. Easy example of this is when reading a story, and things are moving along, then comes the sex scene and WHOA BUDDY suddenly BDSM sex is into play. Whips and chains and latex, oh my. No hint before that any of the characters were remotely interested or curious about such things. No talk of limits, safety, no consent…
  • And lack of consent, in general. Consent is sexy AND required, folks.

The best sex scenes, for me, are…well, the opposite of what I listed above. LOL

Beyond that, what do I love in a sex scene? Dirty talk – oh yeah. Laughter and teasing – I like when sex is fun. Sure, laughter isn’t appropriate in a particularly raw, emotional sex scene, but it’s appropriate, and awesome, at other times. Angry sex – not rape, not someone forcing themselves on someone, but the characters worked up and angry, and fuck it, they’re gonna have some sex. Love me BDSM and D/s scenes – no surprise there. And emotions. I want all the emotions, people. ALL. OF. THEM.

Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease

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