Happy Wednesday, all! This week, in honor of the back-to-school season, we’re talking about our best school memories.

I feel really odd about this topic, like I’m lacking somehow, because no memories come immediately to mind. I mean, I remember school – it wasn’t THAT long ago! – and everything, but I guess I don’t have anything that was so significant, so mind-blowing that I think Wow that’s on my Best School Memories list.

I guess it’s the teachers I think of – teachers who definitely influenced me and memories of them have stayed with me. Two, in particular.

My AP English teacher – she just made me fall even more in love with reading and literature and writing. She is a big reason I started writing the stories in my head down and believing that I could actually become a pubished author.

My Government/Econ teacher… Let me tell you, not my favorite subject, but it was one of my favorite classes becasue of how he taught. He made you *think*. A lot. To this day, I have no clue what his political leanings are/were. Because if you argued one side, he’d come back with the other. And do it so convincingly. He taught us if we are going to make a statment or take a stand on an issue, we’d better be ready to back it up, and back it up well. A lesson well learned…and remembered.

Honestly, though? That’s about it for me. I remember classes and friends and hanging out, of course, but usually when I think back to my school years, it’s usually the teachers I think about. *shrug*

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