Wednesday Randomness: An App Mysteriously Appears on my Phone…

Today’s topic is kind of a fun one – An app mysteriously appears on your phone and does something amazing. What does it do?

join me on a completely ridiculous and unrealistic journey, my friends, as I write this at 3am after driving hours and hours…because I can’t plan to save my life lately and did not do this ahead of time. (And tap it out on my phone while curled up on my mama’s couch because I didn’t bring my computer with…again with the inability to effectively plan LOL)

My mysterious app… What I need is an app that is just a big old pause button. That’s it. A pause button that just stops everything around me. Just for a short time – even just a minute – so I can breathe. Just freaking breathe. I need that so badly right now.

Looking forward to seeing what the others choose for their mysterious apps!

Bronwyn Green | Deelylah Mullen | Kris Norris

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