Wednesday Randomness: All I Want For Christmas


Happy Wednesday. This week, we’re talking about what we want for Christmas. It’s been many a year since I’ve written out a Christmas list, but I’ll do my best. LOL

Before I get to the more materialistic stuff, I’ll just say I’m perfectly satisfied with my Christmas as long if I get spend it with my family, that the people I love are safe, healthy and happy. That means more to me than anything that could be bought and/or wrapped.

Of course the stuff that is bought and/or wrapped is great. LOL So All I Want for Christmas is…

A New Computer – I’m writing this post in advance-since I know the coming weeks are going to be insane with traveling and holiday obligations, I’ve been trying to get ahead-so maybe, just maybe, by the time this posts, I’ll already have a new one to replace the one that died horribly. (Hoping against hope!) But, if not, it’s on my list, even though I know the chances Santa will be able slip this under the tree are slim.

Gift Cards – Pretty pathetic, yeah? But I prefer, say, a gift card to buy some books because I know what I want, what I already have, etc. Or a gift card to go get a massage or get my hair done or something, that would be just lovely.

Going beyond the possible (because no matter how unlikely, a new computer is in the realm of possibility)…

A trip – And I’m not super picky here. I’d take a trip back to London/England. That would be fabulous. Ireland & Scotland would be awesome. I wouldn’t say no to Italy, France, the Caribbean. I’ll take a trip somewhere warm in the US. I would just really like a trip, a vacation, a break away from it all.

Am I allowed to put this on a wishlist?


LOL Though I suppose this one is possible since The Fall is now airing and will eventually be available for download at some point. I shall have to make do with that. 😉

That’s it from me this week. I hope everyone’s surviving, and enjoying, the holiday season!

Wonder what the rest of the ladies are wishing for this year…

Bronwyn Green • Gwendolyn Cease • Kellie St. James • Kris Norris

Until next week!


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