Wednesday Randomness: A Genie Grants Me 3 Wishes…

…for my writing career – What are they and why?

  1. Money – not to be super outrageously wealthy or anything, but enough to have the freedom to focus on writing (and not feel obligated to take on other jobs to help support my family.)
  2. More time to get away to write – Retreats and vacas with writing friends. To have time to write and not have to worry about the every day stuff. I don’t want the every day stuff to disappear but a break from it now and again is nice…and needed.
  3. The ability to more easily (and without guilt) eliminate obstacles to writing – mostly things that suck my time

Let’s be real – at the end of it all, all my wishes come down to time, yeah? LOL It seems as though getting pulled in a million different directions is the norm nowadays (and I know I’m not alone) and that is what I whine about on the daily.

So yeah, my wishes would all center around freeing up my time to write. Whether that was on an everyday basis or letting me get away for retreats regularly.

 Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease

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