Wednesday Randomness: A Few of My Favorite Things – Quotes

Before I get to the actual post, I’d like to say…


…Bronwyn Green (today) and Gwendolyn Cease (a couple days ago)!!! HUGS

(And now I’m thinking I’ve missed other ppl’s birthdays and am feeling like a twat. But I am going to find them all out and mark them on my calendar…I will!)

myfavoritethingsThis month’s favorite things topic is QUOTES.

I could go a lot of ways with this – quotes that I like or find inspirational, quotes from tv shows, movies, books, songs…

I couldn’t decide which way to go. So I just did a variety – you lucky ducks. So enjoy my short and sweet post. walt-disney-quote-all-our-dreams-can-come-true-if
c6652ddc6f50286f16a748f2a7970434 judge

katharine-hepburntumblr_mualq89bKn1rm5tsvo1_250 tumblr_mualq89bKn1rm5tsvo4_250It can’t be a surprise I slipped a Merlin quote in there, yeah? I miss Merlin Club desperately. And this is one moment when I identified with Merlin greatly. 🙂

And for fun…the Doctor… (only doing one from Nine through Twelve, otherwise I’d be here ALL night)


And one from my favorite companion



And I’ll just leave you with this… Just because. tumblr_m5oee2tdor1qcwic6

Can’t wait to see what other quotes come up today. 🙂
Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease | Jessica De La Rosa
Kayleigh Jones | Kellie St. James | Kris Norris



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