Wednesday Randomness: 3 Writing Strengths & 3 Writing Weaknesses


While not nearly as awesome as Eleven, it’s been a while and I’m back. The last little while hasn’t been so great. Nothing horrific or anything, just kinda pulled in a million different directions and blogging got shuffled down the deck a bit. But I’m trying to get back on track here and am jumping back in.

So this week…we are talking writing strengths and weakness… Here we go.

3 Writing Strengths

*deep breath* Okay, writing strengths… This part is not so easy. Chalk it up to the whole “don’t brag” rule hammered in my brain, and the thought of talking about my strengths makes me want walk away like this…

ARTHUREXASPERATEDBut I’m gonna give it an honest go…

1 – Internal/emotional conflict. If I had to say I was strong in one thing, this would be it. I think I do pretty well with writing internal/emotional conflict. Probably because this is what draws me to a story – all the emotions, the characters’ reactions, the resulting pain and angst… Mm hmmm, I’m ALL about that. Seriously, you have no idea. So, it’s not shock that it’s what I love to write. And I think it’s something we can all identify with, yeah? The external stuff – nothing wrong with it, not at all, but there are many situations that I can’t relate to (as a reader or writer), but emotions? The baggage, the stuff that haunts us, and tears us apart even when it’s not seen? That is universal – we all deal with that one way or another, so bringing that to a character…best thing ever.

2 – One strength I never thought I’d ever say was one I had – because I have always been a pantser, writing on the fly – is actually plotting out things. Like, massive plotting over a series where there are plot elements that span multiple books. Granted, it came out of necessity. When I wrote the Timeless Blood trilogy – there were aspects that weren’t resolved until the end of the third book, but there were hints woven through all three books. So, I had to plan and plot and write things out. Doing this continued with The Fey series, which was a bit more complex and involved. Then, the hardest one yet… I began writing Albion’s Circle, which will be five books total…and I think I’ve managed to lay it out very well – resolving some things in each book while at the same time building up to the big finish, layering things as I go.

3 – Dialogue. Okay, I am super picky about my dialogue. I will own that upfront. Since I started writing, that has really been the only thing, I think, I’ve dug my heels in over in edits. Don’t get me started if an editor or proofer actually changed my dialogue. I work very freaking hard on what my characters say. That obsessive thing? May come into play here, as well. I write and rewrite, read it aloud and ponder and obsess. I replay conversations in my head again and again to get it right.  To make sure each character has his or her own voice that is recognizable and unique. And I think I do a damned good job with it (Actually typing that? Almost gave me hives, but I mean it!)

Writing Weakness

1 – I don’t think I’m so great with external conflict in my books. It’s something I’m working on, but I can admit it’s not a strong point for me. I *may* obsess about this, and I am definitely envious of writers who excel at this – including some within the Wednesday Randomness group.

2 – Speaking of obsessing, I have a tendency to do so on occasion (cue all the shocked faces of my pals at this little bit of information), and that includes when I’m writing. The downside of this, I will go over and over what I’ve already written – tweaking and rewriting and fixing – and the end result is not really getting closer to “The End” or getting there so slowly it’s maddening.

3 – When things go badly for me, it tends to spiral. Like, writing doesn’t happen for a while because of things out of my control – life stuff, be it family, day job, whatever – getting back into it? Pure hell. It’s so freaking hard, and it drives me nuts. This is basically me during those times…




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5 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: 3 Writing Strengths & 3 Writing Weaknesses”

  1. You are really, really great at emotional conflict – particularly the way you layer it. Every story manages to be an especially painful parfait. Which, of course, I love the painful parfaits are the best parfaits.

  2. I’ve told you a thousand times your dialogue rocks. I love your characters. And yes, you and Bron ‘break’ characters like no one I’ve ever known 🙂 And I hear you about the whole getting back into writing… harder than hell.

  3. Dialogue!! Yes!! Characters are real and don’t sound as though they’ve been sanitized. I’m with you. I let people edit the crap out of me, but stay away from the dialogue since I work hard at it. And I can so identify with your bottom image. Yep, that’s been me for way too long. I’m awesome with the blogging, but can’t manage much else. *sigh* We’ll make it though. Take it one day at a time.

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