Wednesday Randomness: 3 Truths & A Lie

Happy Wednesday, lovelies. I’m taking a break from blowing my nose – it’s a full time job right now, people – and getting this post done. This week, we’re telling three truths and a lie about ourselves.crossed-fingers

To make things a bit more interesting – anyone who correctly identifies which of the following statements is the lie will get their choice of ebook from my backlist. I’ll be posting the answer on Friday (3/15) Good luck. 🙂 

I spent more than one summer traveling hundreds of miles in the back of a VW minibus/van that makes Bron green with envy (See what I did there…)

I’ve only lived in two states – Michigan and Minnesota. Midwestern girl, I am.

I don’t care for chocolate. I could take it or leave it.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Lip Sync Battle.

See what the other ladies have come up with and see if you can spot their lies.
Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease Jessica De La Rosa | Kellie St. JamesKris Norris


6 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: 3 Truths & A Lie”

  1. Ugh this is hard! I can’t see you watching Lip Sync Battle but I’ve never seen you watch ANY tv. And I’m trying to remember if you’ve ever bought chocolate on our trips. Hmm… I’m going with chocolate. 🙂

  2. I”m pretty sure I know, as well. So I’ll hold off. And I know Bronwyn is dying with envy. Because, damn she wants one of those hippie busses.

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