Wednesday Randomness: Oh, the Things I Wish…

Happy Wednesday! This week, we’re talking about Wishes. If we were granted three writing-related wishes, what would they be?

Well, I’ve no shortage of wishes, but I’m limited to three. And they have to be related to writing…. So here we go, then.

Wish #1 – Right in this moment?


A new computer. My computer died a horrible death, and I’m still mourning. I’m lucky in that my sister-in-law has loaned me hers until I can get a replacment. This is a great thing, but on another level, it’s not so great a thing. Because the urgency to get a new isn’t there. Oh, it is for me, because I need a computer of my own, but for those around me, it’s not urgent. It’s very easy to put off a bigger purchase like this and put money towards other things (and yes, those things need to be addressed as well) when I’m still able to write on a borrowed computer. There are myriad reasons why the computer situation is frustrating. So yes, first wish would definitely be a new computer just for me that no one – and I mean, NO ONE – else can touch.

Wish #2 – A space just for me. I don’t have an office or anything. It’s fine because I can work anywhere with a laptop. And, honestly, with having four kids, I never expected to have an office or room of my own. At least not until they’re grown and out of the house. The tough part is I end up writing in the shared spaces of the home, so interruptions are frequent.

…enough without constant interruptions!

So, yes, I’d wish for space just for me and writing and doing the things I do. 🙂

Wish #3 – The ability to function on less sleep. Most days I’m…

If I could function on a handful of hours and actually be productived, that would be excellent.


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Until next week!