Wednesday Randomness: “The List”


“The List”
aka 5 Celebrities I Can Jump and It Doesn’t Count as Cheating.
Assault, on the other hand… o.O

And, for the record, David Schwimmer? NOT on my list.

#1 – Colin Morgan – This man…oh, this man. He would BE my list. SOME people will accuse me of playing favorites…and well, it’s the truth. And I’m not even a little sorry. Not. Even. A. Tiny. Bit.

tumblr_inline_mw83ywp8xp1riomw0 images tumblr_nmkb0nagt91u37oqio1_500 tumblr_nnvgwz4pp31su3ifjo2_400

*ahem* okay…four more… Cause I’ll follow the rules and shit.

#2 – Grant Gustin – A perfect mix of adorable and hot.grantgustin11

#3 – Bradley James. Now, as a rule, I’m not really that into blonds. But every rule has an exception, and Bradley is mine. tumblr_m5is4cwufa1r7hjaso1_250

#4 – Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reeds. Okay, a bit of a cheat – a two in one. But in my mind, they are a package deal. 😉tumblr_nv7q5hr77j1ua2xxgo8_r1_250#5 – Richard Madden – swoon


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