Life as everyone knows it ends when a super solar flare brings down the world’s power structure and a virulent flue epidemic sweeps through the population. With now power and medical supplies already stretched thing, death is swift and rampant. The world has become a much bigger and more dangerous place. Food and shelter are commodities worth killing for and misplaced trust can mean death…or worse. 


Journeying to find shelter, Grace Summers has resigned herself to a life alone. When she meets Noah Hill and Ethan Erikson, she accepts their help and company but is reluctant to trust the couple, despite the attraction she feels for the two men. Could they be what she’s been dreaming of but never dared to hop for—a sanctuary amidst the chaos? 


Chloe Collins knows how insanely lucky she and her brother are. Finding a family and being accepted and cared for is more than most people have now. Chloe is content and happy, but the arrival of Jack Penn and Isaac Ryan awaken something within her and she yearns for more. She wants to find refuge in their arms and be that for them. 


For years, Katie Fulton has loved Drew Collins—he has been her haven in the dark times—while he clearly sees her as the little sister in their patchwork family. But as she begins to withdraw and face, he reacts in an unexpected way. Is it possible he needs her as much as she needs him? 

Life may be different, dangerous, and more difficult, but some things don’t change. Love and acceptance are just as vital as food and shelter in this new world. and sex.