Pssst! Wanna Win a Kindle Fire HD 8?

Of COURSE you want to win! And here’s your chance…or chances since you can enter several times!

What are you entering to win, exactly? A Kindle Fire HD 8 PLUS 13 ebooks!

The Bound Series

London Bound by Jessica Jarman
Drawn That Way by Bronwyn Green
The Professor’s Student by Bronwyn Green
Nothing Serious by Jessica Jarman
Out of Sync by Bronwyn Green
In Bounds by Bronwyn Green
Safeword Protected by Jessica Jarman

Albion’s Circle series by Jessica Jarman

The Deepest Cut
In My Veins
Edge of Darkness

Rising Blood by Bronwyn Green
Finding You by Bronwyn Green
Tempted to Death by Jessica Jarman

So, enter early, enter often! The more you enter, the better your chances of winning!

Good luck… Ádh mór oraibh!

Bron & Jess

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29 Replies to “Pssst! Wanna Win a Kindle Fire HD 8?”

  1. Bron’s blog hit my email first, but I will comment here too. (BTW, do you know that I am also Becky Parsons? Hence the name difference between the rafflecopter and here?) Nice contest with a wonderful collection of books. I have read only about half of them, I think. But sure wouldn’t hurt for me to read them all again. Thank you.

    1. Good question! I get inspiration from a lot of places. I look through baby name books or sites – lol – I have a running list of names I really like. If I hear or see a name – given or surname – I like, I pull out the notebook I always carry with me and jot it down–and that happens a lot. At the movie theater watching the credits roll for example. LOL And it has to sound right with the other main characters name or with the surname I’ve chosen. I say a lot of names aloud randomly…my family has gotten used to that. Of course there are names I love that I just can’t use. You will never see the names of my kids as heroes or heroines, or my neices’ and nephews’, the names of my close friends’ kids…cause that would be just weird. 🙂

  2. First, Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway here.. Second, I wouldn’t mind
    finding out what the authors emotional feelings when they are writing . such as this book here..

    1. Hey there. Oh emotions and feelings while writing… Good question! I can only speak for myself, of course, and I know I tend to be an emotional person. And that’s very true when I write. I’m very connected to the characters and what they are going through. I mean, if I can’t lose myself in what they are going through and what they are feeling, how can a reader? I’ve laughed out loud writing funning scenes/dialogue, I’ve squirmed writing the sexy bits, and I’ve bawled writing heartbreak of all kinds. Some books have been difficult to write because they are so emotionally draining. The Albion’s Circle books are that way for me. I love those books, those characters, so freaking much, and they are worth every moment but I’m completely wrung dry at several points during the process and need to step away, take a break, maybe work on something else for a while.

      Hope that answers your question. 🙂

      1. Jess makes me cry on the regular. In fact, during a visit at my house, she let me read a really emotional scene in the Albion’s Circle series just written (she’d been crying as she wrote it) and when I read it, there was a loooooooot of ugly crying.

        But, like Jess, I’m pretty emotional when I’m writing (or, you know…all the time – lol). But I feel a strong emotional connection with my characters, so there’s very much the experience of needing to feel what the characters feel before I can put it on the page. 🙂

    1. Ah the seemingly easy question that is so hard to answer. 🙂 LOL

      I have many favorites, both authors and books, so it’s hard to just name a few. And I always seem to draw a blank when asked!

      The ladies I blog with regularly and their books are on my faves list. Off the top of my head, some other faves – I’m a huge nerdy Jane Austen fan, love anything by Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnette, Shelly Laurenston, Bianca D’Arc, Maya Banks. Some of my go-to comfort reads (which are mostly historicals, oddly enough) are by Jude Devereaux, LaVyrle Spencer and Julie Garwood.

      As far as favorite genres to read… Like I said, some historicals are my comfort reads but it’s not a genre I normally read a lot of. I love erotic romanc, and tend to gravitate toward contemporary and paranormal.

      Thanks for stopping by, entering and asking! 🙂

  3. I’ve read some interviews with authors that say they play music while they’re writing for inspiration. Do either of you listen to music while you’re writing portions of your books, and if so, what do you play?

    1. For me, it depends on what’s going on around me while I’m writing. If it’s chaotic, I absolutely need to put in headphones and listen to the book’s playlist while I’m writing. For the historical I’m working on, I listen to a lot of Celtic folk music – both vocal and instrumental. The contemporary I’m working on tends more toward vocal tracks and this one features several songs by Adele, Bastille, Ani Difranco, Ed Sheeran, Hozier, Damien Rice, Joseph Arthur, Walk Off the Earth, and Mumford and Sons.

    2. I usually listen to music when I’m writing. Some of that is necessity – 5 other people live here and they are very loud. LOL There is often sportsball on or a movie or a marathon of a tv show. I don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated office, so all this happens around me. But I also love music so it’s not JUST necessity.

      What I listen to – I’m listening the F*^% out of Ed Sheehan’s new album right now. I adore it and it’s working for me with what I’m writing at the moment. My list of faves and what features on my playlists is similar to Bron’s – Adele, Hozier, Damien Rice, Walk Off the Earth, Mumford & Sons. If I go for instrumental – and if I’m having a very hard time focusing that day, I do – I listen to instrumental soundtracks (Dr. Who, Mists of Avalon, etc), instrumental celtic music, Clocks & Clouds (who are AMAZING), 2Cellos… The only thing I can’t listen to when I write is musical soundtracks cause I get caught up in the story. 🙂

      I sometimes make playlists specifically for books, and share those when the books release. Thinking I may make a separate page for those, if ppl are interested. 🙂

  4. Oh both new authors for me! Yeah! They sound so good! Have to my TBR list! I was wondering how early you knew you wanted to be an author? Did you write alot when you were young?

    1. I am definitely a night writer. For years, most of my writing happend from 10pm into the early morning hours. Now, I don’t do that but I can’t sit down and write first thing–my brain isn’t fully online. So even though I no longer stay up to the wee hours, I’m still a night writer.

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