Post-con Wrap Up – Austin Authors Affair 2015 Edition

Thursday last week, I headed to Texas. Flew into Houston, met up with one of my favorite people ever – Bronwyn Green – and we then flew to Austin. Jenny Trout was supposed to join us, but she was sooooo sick, so it was staying home for her. The travel part of it all sucked hairy donkey balls, let me tell you. Tons of delays on the way there were frustrating, and by the time we finally made it to our hotel in Austin, it was after midnight. Thank goodness, room service ran until 1am. Ordering food after hours in the airports and on planes was the very first thing we did when we got to our room. I’m sure Bron will share the story of the picture in our room (and I’ll link you to her post at the end), but dear god, I’m still giggling about that.

On Friday, we met up with the fabulous Heather Newbury Almendarez to get author photos taken. She, as always, was delightful, though admittedly, I was being a completely doofus. It was great fun even though we had to squeeze the shoot in between the rain that continued much of our time there. I can’t wait to see the finished products.

There was a meet and greet Friday night and booksigning on Saturday.

All ready for booksigning

Both were fantastic. Seeing old friends and catching up, meeting tons of new people, and just having a great time – that’s what this conference was for me. And I loved every minute.

After the signing, we went for food… Mediterannean food. I returned to the hotel with a food baby, and I’m not sorry. Afterwards, we picked up some cider (or adult apple juice as Bron calls it) to bring back to our room – to pre-game it before the evening activities. Only to realize in horror, they were not twist tops. And believe me we tried. I called down to the front desk for a bottle opener after many many attempts to open with various things. They said they’d send up one. I may have dramatically said “Bless you!”. Only to have them bring me a corkscrew. I was irrationally angry, and this happened…


Subsequent bottles, when I wasn’t so ragey, I was able to pop the tops off with the corkscrew and not injure myself any more.

Then, it was off to the Torquere Press karaoke party. It was great. I tasted tested food for Bron and her baby mouth (I don’t think it’s a secret she has it, poor thing) and had a blast watching everyone singing and having a great time. Bron and fellow Wed blogger/author Paige sang songs while I joined in from the relative safety of my chair, thank you very much. It was such a blast and honestly I didn’t want the night to end.

On Sunday, there was amazing food….soooo much food….

11110971_926018937446015_3695662099206321744_nBut there was also saying goodbye to many people. Which was NOT a highlight. It’s the absolute worst part of these things.

One of the best parts, though? As Bron and I were staying a bit longer (some decompressing time before heading back home), it was aweome to find out that friends of ours were staying in the room adjoining ours. The adjoining doorway will always be known as the Porn Portal – and I’m letting Bron tell that story. 🙂 The frriends, too, were staying longer than the con itself, so there were lots of visititing and laughing and good food were to be had.

Our final day was a bit unnerving with all of the horrible storms in the area. The power went out at one point, we had to go downstairs. At that point, we thought it would be smart to take the stairs – not wanting to get caught in an elevator. Well, friends, when we got to the bottom, there was an enormous amount of standing water. We decided to head back up a floor and brave the elevator down one level. We still managed to have a great time, though, and went to bed waaaay too late (after another horrible set of goodbyes) as we had to get up at 4am for our ride to the airport.

Again, the travel portion…not so awesome. There was worry about not catching our flight to Houston – where we had several hours then were parting ways as we returned home. But we did. We hung out at the Houston airport, said sad goodbyes then went to our gates. Bron was back off to Michigan. Me? Texas tried to keep me, people. Lots of delays. Finally ended up leaving Austin close to an hour AFTER when I was originally supposed to arrive home. But it’s all good. I’m back home, with my family, sleeping in my own bed. I’m exhausted still but have so many good memories from this amazing con. I’m so happy I went. 🙂

With the amazingly awesome BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot
The lovely Cindy Griffin
With the fab Bron and the delightful Heather Newbury Almendarez
With the sweet and funny Julie Morgan

I’m sure I’m missing things…I’m still suffering post-con brain – but it was one of the funnest weekends I’ve ever had. AAA was a huge success from my perspective.

Head on over to see Bron’s take on the con. 🙂


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  1. I’m so happy to have my own personal taster. *adjusts crown*

    It was so much fun. I miss everyone, still. And I miss you making me and Paige laugh so hard that we weep. Also, I want more food from Zoe’s. Why don’t we have those here!?

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