October 2018 Monthly Check-in

For last month, my goals were:

  • Daily writing – Keep it up! (Not quite)
  • Finish the book – this is doable. So doable. Needs to happen. (Uh uh.)
  • Self-care every day – remembering to refill that well. Soooo important. (I would like to say yes, but…)
  • All scheduled blog posts – Keep it up! (A bit old nope. I missed 2 of the 7 so far)

Honestly, though I’m batting 0-4 with the goals, I’m happy with this month for the most part. I’m writing regularly. Not daily, but regularly, which is more than I had been doing before. Did not finish the book, but made freaking progress. Self-care…I managed it more days than not, so better. And I got the majority of the blog posts – and hey, sometimes my self-care for those days was giving myself permission to, say, go to sleep because of a flare rather than make myself stay up and feel worse trying to do  it. So yeah, I’m happy with October. And…

For November:

  • Write more days than not (See, learning and tweaking LOL)
  • Come close to, if not, finishing the current book. I’m really excited about this one, and I’m loving it. I want to write on it, I want to finish it…so I’m going to do my best.
  • Keep improving on the self-care front.
  • All scheduled blog posts, dammit. LOL
  • Start on Christmas gifts (making and shopping) o.O

Bronwyn Green

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