November Check-in

Posting late as Thanksgiving break (kids had w, t, F off of school) has me all off…had to ask one of the kids to confirm the day for me. Lolol

anyhoo, goals for this month:

  • Keep up with self-care and taking things one day at a  time. – def doing better. 👍🏻
  • KEEP WRITING – it all adds up and it makes me happy, dammit. – while not where I want to be with this one, I have been writing more so counting this as a win.
  • Start thinking about Christmas gifts instead of leaving until the last minute…as usual. – I’ve THOUGHT about what I’m getting ppl…does that count? Haven’t done a lick of actual shopping. But hey, I said think about so going to count this one too! Lol

On to December goals. Again keeping it simple.

  • All scheduled blog posts
  • Keep up self-care
  • Write daily – even a couple sentences
  • Enjoy the holidays and time with family.

Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease


2 Replies to “November Check-in”

  1. Thinking about what to get people is the most important part, really. And yay you for the self-care. That was one of my goals for November.

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