Wednesday Randomness: Note to my Future Self

Dear Future Jess,

I’m guessing the first thing I should tell you is…breathe. Take a moment and breathe.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope that you’ve found the balance that you’ve been searching for, for so long.

I hope you’ve let go of some things – those things that ate up your time and stressed you out and pulled your focus away from the things that really matter.

I hope that you’re still in love with writing. That you feel the excitement of a new project, the joy of having a story unfold as you imagined, and the satisfaction each time you reach “the end”.

I hope you’ve gotten better at saying no without guilt. I hope you remember that, sometimes, it’s okay to put yourself and what’s important to you first.

I hope you’re letting yourself relax and spend time with the people you love. That you’re putting the effort into those relationships, showing them they are loved, and not getting swept up in all the other stuff happening in life.

But, on the off chance those things haven’t happened, stop whatever you’re doing and just….BREATHE.

Give yourself a break. Stop dwelling and move forward. Take a moment and remember what’s important, remember who and what you love. Take it one day at a time, and never stop trying for that balance.

Now, go get yourself some more caffeine and get back to it.

Past Jess

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