NEW RELEASE – Albion’s Circle: In My Veins

I am SO excited! I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time. The second book in Albion’s Circle is now available at Amazon and Smashwords. *happy dance*

Links are below, along with a peek into In My Veins. 🙂


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Anna is his. Merlin has failed. The Circle is broken. After being defeated in every lifetime, Mordred believes he has finally won.

Even though Anna has little hope of gaining Merlin’s forgiveness for believing Mordred over him and the rest of the Circle, she isn’t giving up and vows to set things right. When an offer of helps comes from an unlikely ally, Anna must trust her instincts—the very thing that got her into this mess in the first place.

Because more than just her survival hangs in the balance. Mordred took her for a reason. Anna is the key. The key to completing the Circle. The key to preventing unthinkable death and destruction at Mordred’s hand. The key to destroy the heart of a wizard whose love has followed her through the ages.

But Mordred has forgotten exactly what he is up against.
Arthur and his Knights.
The most powerful Magical to ever walk the Earth.
And a love a thousand years in the making.



“He’s so cold.”

Galahad’s voice, hardly a whisper, made my heart race. My hands shook on the wheel as I raced along the roads to get back to the house. Back to Merlin. The spell on Will was a strong one, and I recognized Mordred’s magic when I felt it. The son of a bitch had personally taken Will down.

“He’s going to be okay,” I said firmly. “Mordred isn’t stupid. Killing Will doesn’t make sense. Anna would never forgive that, and Mordred wants her on his side.”

While I believed that, I also knew the longer Will was under the spell, the harder it would be to break it. And his magic… I could barely feel it. I glanced over, not liking how pale the other Magical was.

Galahad sat sideways in his seat, cradling the unconscious man closely. He stared down intently as if worried Will would fade away if he took his eyes off him for even a second. There was more there than just attraction, like I’d originally thought. Galahad clearly had deeper feelings for Will.

“Please, please, please…”

I don’t think he even realized he was whispering the word over and over again. Relief swept through me as I turned onto the long drive that led to the house. Almost there.

Before I even stopped the truck, Arthur and his knights rushed out of the house to meet us. I’d called my brother as soon as we’d left Anna’s apartment building, and they’d obviously been keeping an eye out. Arthur yanked open the passenger side as I parked. He helped Galahad pull Will out of the vehicle.

I left them to it and ran ahead of them into the house. Taking the stairs two at a time, I hurried up to Merlin’s room. I felt the seal and cursed. Arthur would have tried to get through, I knew that. Merlin must have blocked out sound, as well, because if he knew what was going on, he wouldn’t still be locked up in there.

Pressing my hands flat against the door, I closed my eyes and felt along the edges of the seal. If I could weaken it, unravel the strands of magic woven together just a little bit, he’d be able to hear me, feel Mordred’s spell wrapped around Will downstairs. Problem was, Merlin’s magic was fucking amazing. He’d probably thrown this seal up without a second thought, just wanting to be alone, and it was stronger than anything I could construct with planning and meticulous care.

And taking it apart wasn’t any easier. I knew that from lives past when I had other, more sinister reasons to undo Merlin’s work. Although, I wasn’t overly worried about being found out this time around; it was my goal, after all. I focused all of my attention on the threads, pulling and teasing them away from the whole. Time slipped away from me, meant nothing as I concentrated on what I had to do.

“Merlin, “ I murmured as my muscles began to quiver. My magic, exhausted, wanted to creep back into my body. “Come on, come on, come on.”

The door flew open, and I stumbled forward, hands slamming into Merlin’s chest. He caught me before I slid to the floor.

“What the fuck, Morgana!” he snapped. “I don’t want—”

He stiffened, and his magic exploded, shaking the house around us. I grabbed hold of his shoulders and tried to get him to look at me. He felt it, Mordred’s spell.

“It’s Will,” I said quickly. “Mordred got to him, and I don’t know how to break it. I need your help.”

The tremors didn’t stop, but increased exponentially. Power snapped in the air, shimmered along his skin until he radiated with it. Things crashed to the floor behind him, and cracks snaked along the walls as the house failed to withstand the battering. I heard the others shouting below us.



Amazon • Smashwords

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