Wednesday Randomness: My Sad Purse Post *pout*

Happy Wednesday, everyone. So this week, Bronwyn, Leigh and I are sharing what’s in our purse or bag. So I grab my purse, thinking this isn’t going to be the most entertaining post. Let’s face it, the contents of my purse are much more amusing when I’m on a trip or something. Or when I had little kids there were always interesting things finding their way into my purse. 

So I sit down and start pulling stuff out… And seriously, this is what I find: 

As boring as I feared my purse-sharing would be, dear friends, this isn’t what I expected to find. 
Where is my lip balm, my gum, my small notebook, my hand sanitizer? Where????? I will tell you… I have 4 teenagers (well 3, one is a preteen, but CLOSE ENOUGH) who are THIEVES!!!!
So this is what I’m left with. My wallet, pens, and TWO FREAKING PENNIES! Thank you, children, for leaving me two cents. 
My keys are normally in my purse, but hubby was using my car so… Although, when he got back and popped the keys back in my purse, he added a little something extra: 


And, of course, I would have my phone in there as well, but was using it to take the pics. So I swiped my son’s phone, so I could show you the gorgeous phone cover I now have thanks to Bron! She’s the best.
Isn’t it pretty???
So that’s it for me and my purse. LOL I’m positive Bron’s post and Leigh’s post will be far more fun. LOL 

2 Replies to “Wednesday Randomness: My Sad Purse Post *pout*”

  1. I can’t stop laughing over the fact that you literally only have two pennies thanks to your kids. Also, if someone stole my chapstick, there would be a major beatdown. Chapstick is SACRED!!!

  2. OMG!!! I can’t believe all your stuff is gone!!! And I’m with Bron, the lipbalm is majorly sacred. Whoever steals that should be destroyed. And now I can be in awe of the fact that your purse is so clean. Mine is well scary and I don’t have kids.

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