Monthly Check-in: June 2018

Holy crap, it’s nearly July!

June was INSANE. My daugher graduated, so we had that and a party and out of town guests. Very very busy. The oldest boy headed out for the summer (he works at one of the Boy Scout camps so I won’t see him for a while. πŸ™ )

And then, there was one of my favorite times of year – our annual writing retreat. This year, we definitely hit some bumps along the way. Kris Norris was delayed and delayed and delayed getting here – she was flying in here then driving to Michigan with me. She finally got here after like 24 hours, only to find they had lost her bag. We were able to arrange for them to reroute her bag to the wee airport near where we were staying, but still had a relatively late start on our road trip.

We got in very late, and the next day, we were blown away by news of massive flooding and destruction near us because of heavy rains.

So many people lost so much – some, everything – so I remain thankful my family up that was was safe, we were safe, and were able to be together. And Norris’ bag did eventually make it, so she didn’t have to run around nekkid.

On the writing front… Well, I’m writing, so that is a positive. And I’m not going to get negative here, at all. Because no time for that, and it won’t change anything anyway…at least not in a good way. I’m focusing on how I’m able to focus so much better now that I’m on meds that are working. Norris is still at my house, and we’re having a great time – with many trips to Tim Horton’s. Yesterday, she helped me rearrange things in my house so I now I have a chair and ottoman in my room. I don’t even care that it’s a smidge crowded in there; I can actually shut the door and have privacy to write without distractions – unlike with my corner in the living room. I can’t even complain about taking all day yesterday to do this, because I really do feel like it’s going to be huge for my productivity. So woot.

That’s about it from me, this month. July is actually supposed to be a quiet month here. No trips, no camping (until the last weekend)…unlike past years. So my goals:

  • Write daily. No excuses.
  • Keep up with housework and self-care.
  • Check in regularly with mah people. πŸ™‚ (Keeps me motivated and accountable)

And that’s it, really. As I’m just getting back on track with things, I don’t want to overwhelm myself or expect too much. So I’m keeping it simple.

Bronwyn Green

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  1. *hugs* So glad to see you writing! And that retreat . . . Not only a nice get away with friends, but unexpected drama and excitement. Glad everyone is safe and from what I hear, in spite of everything, had a good time. I look forward to your next book!

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