Monthly Check-in: August 2018

So, August has been a mixed bag, to be honest. Isn’t that just life, though?

My month began at Bronwyn Green’s house. Her family put up with me for over a week – we went out to sushi with Jenny Trout and both their daughters, we headed to Ann Arbor for a signing and had lots of fun exploring and hanging out….and it was honestly just what I needed at the time.

Sadly, all the driving (to the family reunion, to Bron’s, to Ann Arbor and back) then flying home, THEN driving into northern MN for family camping with the hubs’ side of the family, when I got home… Well, it wasn’t pretty, friends. Not even a little. I flared pretty bad, had a lot of pain, and wasn’t able to do much of anything. My hopes of finishing a book this month pretty much died at that point.

BUT…sucky as it was, it didn’t last forever, and I’m mostly back to normal. Just in time for the kiddos to start school this past week. LOL Luckily, they are all taking college classes, and two of the four have their own cars now, so it’s much easier on me than say last year – then, I felt like I lived in my car as I ferried kids to and fro.

I’ve been writing the past couple days, getting back into the habit of daily writing. That is what I want to continue through September. So…

  • Daily Writing
  • Remembering the importance of self-care…and actually doing it.
  • All scheduled blog posts.

And before I sign off…today, is a super special day for me. It’s the hubs’ and my anniversary. The ridiculously awesome man has survived being married to me for 22 years (has put up with me for 24!). So happy anniversary to the best man I know.

And something to look forward to? September is…


I canNOT wait!!!


2 Replies to “Monthly Check-in: August 2018”

  1. Yep! The month started out great! It was awesome meeting y’all. And that was the only trip I took. BUT . . . I haven’t left the house since. *sigh* The phobias and anxieties kicked in and have played havoc ever since. They are finally easing some. I have grocery story plans for Tuesday. Now isn’t that exciting? So, with all your traveling, I think you did very well.

    Happy Anniversary! That is a lot of years. Good job! Wonderful gifs! Especially the last one. Elizabeth and I are doing a Supernatural marathon so Sam and Dean are a huge topic of conversation in our house right now. And Hamilton! How fun! Enjoy!

    Huge hug!

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