Mid-2019 Goal Check-In

I actually don’t have a ton to report. I’ve have a completely shitastic past six weeks, during which no writing has happened.


Me, last night, as I wrote for the first time in 6 weeks.

I set four writing goals for the year, so let’s just touch base with those, shall we?

  1. Write regularly – as near to daily as possible, even if it’s only 100 words. Before things exploded around me several weeks ago, this was happening. And I was making excellent progress. And, since I do not have a T.A.R.D.I.S and cannot travel back in time and change anything, I’m not going to dwell on six weeks out of a year. It’s not going to make or break me. I’m back to daily writing…and that’s what counts. 
  2. Re-release the contemporary novels and the paranormal novels I’ve gotten the rights back for. I have re-released 3 of the 5 contemporary novels, so far, so I’m calling this one good. 
  3. Write and release two Bound books. I don’t know if this one will happen. There will for sure be one Bound book…but we’ll see what happens, here. 
  4. Complete and release Albion’s Circle. Same here. I have hopes and plans for this to happen, and I’m having all the positive thoughts, but again, we’ll see. 🙂
And I’m going to leave it at that…and get my words in. 🙂 

Be sure to check out how Bronwyn and Kris are doing.

4 Replies to “Mid-2019 Goal Check-In”

  1. Dude…just think of how much more writing you’ve done this year compared to last year. And it’s not like your books are 30 or even 50K… they’re huge. So, you’ve done so awesome.

    it’s the days that try to break us that define us. And you won. Bitch slap that past on move forward because you got this.

  2. *hugs* You being here and sharing the ups and the downs is such an inspiration to me. I am not alone. I am not the only one who has hard times, and sometimes, even harder times working through things. It helps to know this. Thank you! Now that being said, I think you are doing fantastic!

  3. I’ve only just come across the Albion’s Circle series and I just wanted to say it’s brilliant! Really, the premise of Arthur and Merlin and the rest, reborn over and over – just fantastic, as is your writing. I read all 3 in 3 days and about cried when I realized there were no more. I really hope to see the next installment before to long.

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