Merlin Club!!!

Starting this week, there will be a weekly new feature here – MERLIN CLUB.

What is Merlin Club, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

I love the series Merlin. I’ve watched it several times; the last time through, I watched with Bronwyn Green and Jenny Trout. Now, since we live hundreds of miles apart, when I say “with”, I mean we IM’d as we watched episodes. And Merlin Club was born. LOL We had such a blast we decided that just because we finished the series didn’t mean we couldn’t still have fun with it.

So…we are doing it again.

Every Monday night at 8pm EST, we’ll be watching an episode and tweeting to the hashtag #MerlinClub. Then, on Fridays, each of us will blog about the episode we watched that week. Each post will include a brief recap of the episode, preset questions, and random comments and observations. You are invited to watch along with us, tweet with us, and tell us what you thought of the episodes (and what we said about the episodes–whether you agree, disagree or whatever!) in the comments sections.

We’ve already watched The Dragon’s Call (S01E01) this week, so get thee to Netflix and watch it! And then, join us next week to watch Valiant (Ep02)!!


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