MERLIN CLUB: The Wicked Day



Or the Week Where Jess Drops the Ball Yet Again & Feels like a Huge Ass

So, it’s 3am on Friday and I’m JUST getting to this post. Been buried under a couple projects and let myself get way behind.

Just replace "Angel" with "Jess" & that's me.
Just replace “Angel” with “Jess” & that’s me. (And I don’t care how incorrect the French is. Look how adorable & baby-faced my Colin is!)

So, in an attempt to get a couple hours of sleep before I have to jump into more craziness, I’m going to be a bad, bad Merlin Clubber. My recap will be the shortest ever, and I’ll answer the questions. Please forgive…I beg you. MWAH.

Okay…my recap. Not even going to write it out. It’s just this…


That sums it up. And now, the questions…

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…I wouldn’t have made it so Arthur’s freaking birthday is a day the man can never ever EVER enjoy. His mother dies bringing him into the world, then his dad dies on his birthday too? Seriously? That’s just not fair. Every year when his birthday rolls around, Arthur’s just going to go into hiding. (and yes, I was digging deep for that one because I canNOT brain right now. 🙂 )

Thing(s) I loved about this episode – Several things. I do love that Merlin finally shut Gaius down on the “It’s too dangerous, Merlin” argument of his. Just existing is dangerous for Merlin in Camelot.

Both Bradly James and Colin Morgan – They both killed it. I shed a tear over Uther’s death just because of Arthur’s reaction. And Merlin…so heartbroken. For his friend, and because it seems Arthur is now against magic for good. 🙁

DRAGOON aka Emrys

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This scene. (Totally calling dirty birthday shenangans happening off camera!)tumblr_mi15waYbIS1rq0r8io1_250 tumblr_mi15waYbIS1rq0r8io5_250tumblr_mi15waYbIS1rq0r8io2_250 tumblr_mi15waYbIS1rq0r8io7_250 tumblr_mi15waYbIS1rq0r8io4_250tumblr_mi15waYbIS1rq0r8io6_250

The faces Merlin makes when he’s bullshitting about sorcerers to Arthur. I have at least one more to share from an upcoming episode…stay tuned. But seriously his expressions are are pure gold in these situations

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This one just makes me laughtumblr_mrhk7l3YPy1rwinolo1_250 tumblr_mrhk7l3YPy1rwinolo2_250 tumblr_mrhk7l3YPy1rwinolo3_250 tumblr_mrhk7l3YPy1rwinolo4_250

And this just gives me feels. All. The Feels. tumblr_naec01rpFf1siec8do1_400 tumblr_naec01rpFf1siec8do3_400 tumblr_naec01rpFf1siec8do5_400tumblr_naec01rpFf1siec8do4_400 tumblr_naec01rpFf1siec8do7_400tumblr_naec01rpFf1siec8do6_400

Thing(s) I hated about this episode – Greasy Agravaine. Just because. Not really anything else. I mean, it’s not my FAVORITE episodes but there are enough moments I love to keep me interested and there’s nothing I can think of at the moment that I HATED. Except Greasy Agravaine. Did I mention that?

Something I never noticed about this episode before – Until it was pointed out while we were watching, I never noticed how completely entralled and turned on Greasy Agravaine looked while Morgana performed magic. (Ewwww)

Proof of some head canon I’ve created – I’m fairly certain there were birthday shenanigans happened between the boys. Spankings and the like. Why else did Arthur immediately drop his pants when they got back to his chambers? Come on now…

Favorite costume – One last time, we’re going to give it up for Uther and the leather gloves.


And I think we should all send the gloves off with a round of applause…


Or if you prefer, go with the slow, dramatic, diagonal tournament clap…


Goodbye, Leather Gloves, you shall be missed. (Yes, I’m mourning more for the gloves than for the damned king!)

What would Bron steal from Camelot on this episode? The wagon the performers arrived in…with the trunks in the back thrown in for good measure.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.53.59 AM

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? Don’t know that it counts as losing her shit, but I know how hopeful Merlin was about showing Arthur how magic could be used for good was heartbreaking for her. And I agree.

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  1. I bet there’s good stuff in those trunks… I would use that wagon every day. And piss off the neighbors with it.

    This was a pretty heart-sore episode because of Arthur and Merlin’s reactions. Sigh…

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