MERLIN CLUB: The Secret Sharer

Or the One When Morgana SHOULD Figure Out Who Emrys Is But Is Written To Stupid To See What’s Right In Front Of Her

RECAP – This episode opens in Morgana’s hovel – where Greasy Agravaine has brought her after her magical throwing match with Emrys/Merlin. She tells Greasy Agravaine that someone has been telling Emrys about them and their plans. He immediately suspects Gaius – because he would be the only one who would know about the formorroh and GA is convinced Gaius was lying when he said he didn’t know anyone named Emrys. Morgana begins to plan how to get information from Gaius. 

In Camelot, we get this little gem. (Seriously watch it….morning banter, Merlin dragging Arthur out of bed…It’s lovely)

Greasy Agravaine comes in and ruins it all…

Hey, Greasy Agravaine....
Hey, Greasy Agravaine….

He casts suspicion on Gauis and, later, together with Arthur, they question the physicion about his views on magic. Oh wait, no, THEY don’t question him. Greasy Agravaine does and Arthur stands by and says NOTHING. And this pisses me off so much. Ugh. And GA is such a douche in this scene. I loathe that man. 

Morgana finds Alator of the Catha – a kind of warrior priest of the Old Religion. She asks him to abduct and question Gaius, offering her healing bracelet (remember that gift from Morgause?) as payment. Alator agrees and heads out to Camelot. Greasy Agravaine gets him into the castle and Gaius is taken. GA then plants evidence in Gaius’ chambers to show the older man was guilty of treason and clearly ran away. 

Hey, Greasy Agravaine....
Hey, Greasy Agravaine….

In the morning, Greasy Agravaine tells Arthur that Gaius was seen running away and some of his possessions are missing. Merlin protests but Arthur doesn’t listen. Gains’ chambers are searched and seriously the “evidence” planted is so obvious and ridiculous. Like Gaius is stupid enough to leave that kind of stuff laying around. But whatever, it seems to confirm Arthur’s fears.  Merlin argues, and this scene is actually lovely. One, Arthur basically tells Agravaine to let it go—not to send anyone after Gaius, and two, when Merlin is persistent and says GA is framing Gaius, Arthur pleads with him to stop. That he doesn’t want to lose another friend. 

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Gaius wakes in a cave and Morgana taunts him a bit. Gaius is determined not to give any information but looks quite terrified when he finds out that Alator is a Catha. 

Merlin sneaks into Greasy Agravaine’s chambers and finds books on sorcery and a strange substance on a pair of GA’s boots. When GA returns, Merlin hides then sneaks out, but GA sees him as he slips out the door. 

When Merlin gets back to his and Gaius’ chambers, Gwaine is waiting for him. He helps Melrin figure out the substance on the boots was iron ore and the two ride out to the only place Gwaine has seen it. 

Greasy Agravaine runs to Morgana and tells her that Merlin suspects and is out looking for Gaius. They rush out after Merlin and Gwaine. Once at the cave/mine, Morgana tells GA to kill Gaius while she takes care f Merlin and Gwaine. 

Altar’s methods have paid off, Gaius tells him about Emrys—how he is the most powerful sorcerer to walk the Earth and is destined to help Arthur unite Albion and the old and new ways. 

Gwaine finds Greasy Agravaine over Gaius, knife in hand.

Hey, Greasy Agravaine....
Hey, Greasy Agravaine….

Gwaine falls for GA’s bullshit about finding him unconscious and trying to help him. The two hurry to get the older man back to Camelot. 

Morgana has found Merlin and is about to kill him when Alator comes in. He says that he knows who Emrys is. Morgana demands to know who it is, and Alator responds “never”. He uses his magic staff to knock her unconscious (like that’s EVER happened in this show before :-/) He kneels before Merlin and says that he understands Merlin’s burden and he and others are willing to give their lives to help Merlin fulfill his destiny.

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Back in Camelot, Greasy Agravaine tells Arthur clearly they misjudged Gaius and ow him and Merlin an apology. 

Gaius confesses to Merlin that he told Alator everything, but Merlin assures him all is okay, that Alator wasn’t loyal to Morgana and she didn’t get anything. Arthur comes in, some banter between the boys, then he apologizes to Gaius in private. And Gaius has some words for him…

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If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…This is the point in the series that I get really pissed about how the writers write women in this series. Morgana has always been an intelligent, strong characters, but no longer. Alator all but says who Emrys is (Crouching beside Merlin, staring at him intently as he says he not only knows who Emrys is but know exactly where he is – it was pretty pointed.) and NOTHING. She doesn’t clue in. She should have figured it out. But instead, she is a flat villain obsessed and hellbent on revenge. And not so bright. And that is so stupid. So I’d go for a bit of consistency in characterization. 

Also, I’d have Arthur not be so freaking malleable and passive. Again, consistency. There is none. I’d like some. Thank you.

Thing(s) I loved about this episode—Arthur and Merlin in the morning. 🙂 How heartbroken Arthur is about Gaius and the conversation between him and Merlin. How Gaius totally (and quietly, so effectively) slaps Arthurdown for doubting him. 

But the thing I loved most? Merlin’s friendships. Not just with Arthur though that was shown, but when all the stuff is happening with Gaius, both Gwen and Gwaine seek  Merlin out. This does NOT happen enough. It’s like Merlin builds friendships and then they have some connection to Arthur and it all disappears. Once Gwen is with Arthur, her friendship with Merlin isn’t really shown all that much. Same with Gwaine – once he’s a knight, there’s no effort to show the friendship. And Gwen was friends with Merlin long before she was interested in Arthur. And Gwaine wouldn’t even have stayed in Camelot if it wasn’t for Merlin. When they were going after Arthur in Eye of the Phoenix, Gwaine says Merlin is his only friend and it was clear how highly he thought of and cared for Merlin. But now? Very little interaaction between them. So that is was shown in this episode…his two friends seeking him out when the man who is all but a father to him has disappeared…it was lovely to see and made me so happy.

Also when Gwaine comes to Merlin…that scene gives us one of my favorite outtakes, which makes me giggle every time. (The sound is slightly off, but still worth watching for a chuckle)

Thing(s) I hated about this episode—Greasy Agravaine (this will be listed every week, just so you know), Morgana’s obliviousness, Arthur’s passivity and letting GA manipulate him.

Something I never noticed about this episode before—Got nothing here this week.

Proof of some head canon I’ve created— Nothing here either. 🙁 

Favorite costume—I don’t know that we ever see Merlin in this color combo again and this makes me sad because I totally did it. 


He’s so pretty…

tumblr_luln98rXY71qcn7o0o1_500What would Bron steal from Camelot in this episode? Don’t think I used this before, but I’m certain she’d like Arthur’s desk and chair. Ignore the shirtless king in the foreground (or not….)


What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? Guh, I don’t know. Um, Greasy Agravaine’s inability to understand the concept of time while questioning Gauis. (Gauis says he practiced magic “a long time ago” and Agravaine immediately asks if he has recently. Um, he just said a long time ago, dumbass.)

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  1. Ignore the nearly naked king in the foreground. Like *that’s* possible. But I would take the desk and chair! 😀

    The thing about Merlin’s friendships disappearing once people have a connection to Arthur is a really great observation. And it’s one of many things that pisses me off. 🙁

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