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I’m keeping James Lester up there in all his awkwardness because I love it and I was so off my game this last week. But okay…time for….


Or the One Jess Forgot to Post About

And…we’re just going to go straight to the questions, folks.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… The things they do for humor. In this episode, specifically, Arthur being unable to put a fucking shirt on without assistance. One, it’s been shown before he’s perfectly capable of dressing himself. Two, it’s not funny, really, it just makes him look like an idiot. I think there are other ways of showing that he relies on Merlin and wants him back – you know other than his royal dresser. So I’d have nixed that and added more about how he relies on Merlin in other aspects. 

Thing(s) I loved about this episode—OMG, Arthur being all kingly and using the royal “we”. how weird am I that that totally appeals to me? ROWR

I really like the Daegal storyline and the character, and hated that he died, especially him asking if he’d done something good as he’s dying. SOB. I loved Jealous!Arthur when he thinks Merlin’s off with a girl. That was delightful. Especially followed with the suspiciously asking Merlin why he’s walking with a limp. *snicker* 

And we have some Jealous!Merlin too (I know some of his problem is Gwen’s not herself, but when Arthur and Gwen are all kissy-kissy, he is not happy)


Also enjoyed getting to see some of Morgana’s story we didn’t know – her being trapped underground with Aithusa definitely brings sympathy to the character and makes you understand her better.

Thing(s) I hated about this episode—What I mentioned in the what I would change. Can’t think of anything else. 

Something I never noticed about this episode before—Nothing this week. 

Proof of some head canon I’ve created—Aside from Merthur…definitely Gwengana/Morgwen happening. The body language when they’re together…definitely happening. 

Favorite costume—Mostly because…forearms (I’m so shallow). 


What would Bron steal from Camelot in this episode? The table/shelf thingy next to Arthur’s bed….Well, pretty much all of Arthur’s bedroom, actually. 


What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? I don’t know this week…  I’m at a loss. 🙁 I guess I’m going to go with…if Morgana love Aithusa so much, as is the implication here, where is the dragon, folks. We saw her briefly in the opening of the season but not since. So where is Aithusa? 

Bron’s Take on “With All My Heart”

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