MERLIN CLUB: The Drawing of the Dark

Or the One that Royally Pisses Me Off

RECAP – I write this as I’m sitting at the parents. Meaning my attention is super divided, so it’s going to be long story short. But luckily, this episode is fairly straightforward.

Merlin, Arthur and the knights are in the woods and come across a Camelot patrol – they’re dead. Arthur figures it’s the work of Saxons. Mordred sees someone running away and follows. She’s revealed to be a yound woman, and he clearly recognizes her. He calls her Kara and orders her to run as the rest of the the men catch up. She gets away, and Merlin is very distrustful – for good reason, but it’s magnified because…Mordred.

Back in Camelot, Merlin shares his worries with Gaius, who blows him off, saying the Druid boy means no harm. *sigh* The two go off to treat a patient, and Mordred sneaks in and steals some medicine. Later that night, he goes into the forest and finds Kara and helps her with her wounds. Apparenlty the two have known each other for years and are very much in love.

When Mordred returns, Merlin confronts him. Mordred tells him what is happening and asks him not to tell Arthur. Later, Merlin and Arthur are off in the forest, and follow Mordred’s trail (really, sir knight? Cover your tracks!) and come across Kara – who tries to kill Arthur, but is thwarted by Merlin’s magic. She is arrest and taken to Camelot. She admits to killing the Camelot patrol and wishes she had succeeded in killing  Arthur. Arthur sentences her to death.

Mordred goes to Arthur and pleads for Kara’s life. Arthur refuses, feeling he has no choice but to uphold the laws of Camelot. Mordred leaves but plans to break Kara out and escape. As this goes down, Kara shocks Mordred by killng one of the guards.

The alarm is raised and there is a chase through the woods. Cornered, Mordred says they will leave and never return if Arthur lets them go. Kara telepathically urges Mordred to kill Arthur with his magic. Mordred hesitates and says they are his friends. Before he can act either way, Percival knocks him out. Back to Camelot they go, and Mordred and Kara are thrown in cells while gallows are built.

Merlin asks Arthur to reconsider, mostly because he feels bad. Arthur calls Kara before him and says he will spare her life if she repents for the murders she has committed. She refuses, saying Arthur and Camelot must be destroyed. She is hanged to death. Grief-stricken, Mordred escapes by blasting the doors off the cells magically. He goes straight to Morgana and tells her what she’s been wanting to know all this time – Who Emrys is. And she is shocked when she hears it is Merlin.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changedIt drives me nuts that they threw Mordred being in love in at the last minute. I’d have have this relationship shown MUCH earlier. Developed it so it was believeable. Because I think Mordred betraying Arthur because of love is a good move, but the way it was done was far too rushed and I didn’t feel much for Kara at all. So when she died, it didn’t hit me in the feels at all, and I certainly didn’t by the depth of Mordred’s grief – that he would go straight to Morgana and betray Arthur and Camelot and Emrys/Merlin, who he looked up to so much. 

Thing(s) I loved about this episode

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And I had such dirty thoughts during this scene. I should be ashamed of myself.


Thing(s) I hated about this episode—Kara. I just didn’t like her as a character. She was badass and committed, yes, but I did not connect with her. Again, could have been remedied had she been introduced earlier. If we could have seen her relationship with Mordred, maybe I’d have felt something. As it is, it really was just her manipulating Mordred and turning him against Arthur/Camelot. 

Also, Arthur didn’t have much of a choice. She killed a Camelot patrol and a guard. She tried to kill him – the king. He wasn’t putting her to death because she had magic or used magic or was a Druid, she tried to kill the freaking king. It’s not a surprise she was put to death. I know that Mordred was supposedly acting from a place of emotion and grief, but when we don’t see that relationship for longer than half an hour, it falls flat.

Something I never noticed about this episode before— This.

Becasue it’s true. SO TRUE.

OH! Also, this… Merlin confonts Mordred…tumblr_mjipufDcUk1qh1obbo5_1280tumblr_mjipufDcUk1qh1obbo1_1280And Merlin denies it, but… Oh Merlin, bubby, think back, really hard….tumblr_mjipufDcUk1qh1obbo4_1280 tumblr_mjipufDcUk1qh1obbo2_1280

Proof of some head canon I’ve created—Have nothing this week. 

Favorite costume—Arthur’s white tunic. Rowr5x11-The-Drawing-of-the-Dark-merlin-and-arthur-33400616-1280-720

What would Bron steal from Camelot in this episode? The pic does double duty… Not the handsome with a hint of chest, but the pitcher and goblet in front of him. I feel Bron would like those. 5x11-The-Drawing-of-the-Dark-merlin-and-arthur-33400616-1280-720

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? I think the rushed love story for Mordred. And the lack of consistency of the sentences given for crimes in Camelot. 

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hold me

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