MERLIN CLUB: The Changeling


Or The One Where Uther Is Way Into Elena’s Dad & We See What Jenny Trout As A Princess Would Be Like

First, let me apologize for the brief post this week. A bit annoying for me since this is one of my fave episodes, but this week has gotten away from me and time isn’t my friend at all! But I’m not bowing out, simply keeping it short and sweet, because I have too much mad love for Merlin and Merlin Club. 🙂

So quick and dirty recap? Uther has invited Lord Godwyn and his daughter Princess Elena to Camelot. His basic plan is to get Arthur and Elena together. Elena, though, is possessed by a Sidhe and watched over by a pixie nurse in league with the Sidhe. Now, the Sidhe want what Uther wants— marriage between Arthur and Elena. Their endgame, however, is quite different – once married, the Sidhe inside Elena would completely take over and Camelot would belong to the Sidhe.

Uther is a douchcanoe and puts massive pressue on Arthur to marry Elena. Arthur is in love with Gwen though and wants to marry for love. Eventually, though, after talking to Gwen (who is even more convinced that she and Arthur can never be together because of a conversation with Morgana), Arthur proposes to Elena

Gaius and Merlin figure out that Elena is a changling and work out how to expel the Sidhe inside her. After killing Grunhilda (who ends up a pile of pixie dust), Merlin and Gauis get Elena to take a potion that releases the Sidhe and destroy the creature.

Merlin goes to Arthur and tells him that he’s mad for marrying someone that will make him unhappy in the end.

Then comes the wedding… But before it can proceed, Arthur calls it off. He and Elena both agree they don’t love each other. Uther is pissed off. It’s not one of his finest parenting moments (not that he has many, let me tell you.)

Godwyn and Elena depart. There’s the requisite scene between Arthur and Gwen to end the episode.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…I actually really liked this episode. I loved Elena. And how Arthur was strong enough to defy his father. So I wouldn’t change anything big. There’s a few things I bring up later on from the episode, but they aren’t specific to just this episode, more things I’d change in the series overall.

Thing(s) I loved about this episode—Arthur and Merlin banter. As usual. I adore Elena. Seriously. I love, love, love her. Georgia King did an amazing job.

Two scenes I loved from this episode…

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Of course marrying for love? That’s more of a modern concepts, especially amongt nobility, but never mind that. I love it whenever Merlin goes off on a rant like this. 🙂

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Merlin’s reaction to Grunhilda liking Gauis…Love it.

Okay, and when Merlin is describing Grunhilda’s pixie tongue after he saw her catching bugs with it…he says it was “this long” and grabs this:


Um, WTF. Why is there a HUGE dildo just sitting on Gaius’ table??? Seriously! But it made me laugh so hard so it goes under things I liked about the episode even though I don’t want to even know… 😉

Thing(s) I hated about this episode—I talk about what I hate in other questions. How Morgana treats Gwen. The way things are left hanging/unexplained. I thought Uther was particularly douchey. No shocker there.

Something I never noticed about this episode before— So the whole Uther pressuring Arthur to marry Elena… Arthur is determined to marry for love but Uther is vetoing that all over the place. While I completely understand that marrying for love is a relatively modern thing, but Uther himself married Igraine for love – or that is the strong implication. It just seems that every time he’s telling Arthur to ignore his feelings or start feeling somehting for Elena (because that’s how it works), he’s basically diminishing what Arthur’s mother meant to him. Does that make sense?

Proof of some head canon I’ve created—I’m more convinced than ever that Morgause used the mandrake root on Morgana. The conversation between Morgana and Gwen… Morgana was quite cruel to Gwen. While the anger she has towards Uther is very understandable, Gwen has always been Morgana’s friend. They seemed so close, and this was so totally out of character. It’s either bad character development on the part of the writers (which is quite possible) or Morgause did something (mandrake root!) that changed Morgana in a very drastic way.

Also, I said in the one episode that Uther seemed to have something a bit more than friendships with the visiting kings… This episode solidified that theory for me. I think, Uther goes above and beyond to keep the peace. O.o The dynamic between Uther and Godwin was confusing and seemed more than just friendly. I think perhaps Uther and Godwin wanted to unite their families for several reasons. Mm hmmm.

Favorite costume—It’s a tie between Elena’s wedding dress Arthur in chainmail and cape. Rowr.

MC - Wedding

What would Bron steal from  Lord Godwin’s home in this episode? Princess Elena’s cradle.


What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? The fact that no explanation is given to anyone about what happened to Grunhilda. Godwin wonders about it but Uther just blows it off, saying he’s sure she’ll turn up. Jen made a good point that Elena is always going to wonder what happened to her nurse – who, no matter her motivations, was good to Elena. She was the mother figure in Elena’s life since her own mother died soon after she was born. So this poor girl is going to have no clue what happened, or think that she was abandoned. Surely Merlin and Gaius could have come up with something…

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