MERLIN CLUB: Queen of Hearts

Or One of My Faves Because of Old Merlin aka Dragoon the Great aka Emrys

Hello, Merlin Clubbers. How I’ve missed you. I had a glorious trip to London (and I’ll be writing some posts on it the coming weeks. 🙂 ) but I definitely missed watching and tweeting along with the episodes. I’m afraid this post may end up on the short side again. I arrived home late, late, late on Tuesday night and I’m still not quite adjusted back. I’m also trying to finish a book. O.o For some reason, today (Thursday) is tougher than yesterday was. Struggling to stay awake. Hoping my body clock adjusts quickly. LOL

So the basic plot of this episode is Morgana has a vision of Gwen becoming Queen. And that cannot be allowed because Morgana is gunning for the throne. She manipulates Arthur into sneaking away with Gwen on a romantic picnic, then continues the manipulation to get Uther to go riding with her. And of course they stumble across the love birds as they are kissing.

Uther finds it all very amusing…until Arthur insists it’s not a passing thing with a maid and refuses to end things with Gwen. So Uther banishes her.

Hey, Uther...
Hey, Uther…

To ensure the future she envisioned doesn’t happen, Morgana sneaks an enchanted poultice in Arthur’s bed. She then goes to Uther and yes, the manipulation continues, and she convinces Uther that Arthur must be enchanted. Of course, Arthur’s chambers are searched and the poultice is found. Gwen is dragged before the king and accused of enchanting the prince in retaliation for Uther killing her father. Arthur says they will leave Camelot and never return, but that only reinforces Uther’s belief of his being under the influence of magic. As Gwen is being dragged away (after a dramatic kiss with Arthur before being yanked apart), she notices Morgana’s smirk. (How no one else notices is beyond me.)

Merlin, knowing Morgana is behind this and Gwen is obviously innocent, decides to invent a sorcerer to take the blame. He uses an aging spell and brings an identical poultice to Arthur’s chambers, making sure he is seen. However when he runs away and tries to undo the aging spell, he is unable to and is caught.

Arthur brings him before Uther and it is one of my fave scenes in the series. He confesses to enchanting the prince, tells Uther and Arthur off, and is of course sentenced to burn. I *LOVE* Dragoon/Emrys/Old Merlin

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Gaius is up all night trying to make an potion to reverse the spell while poor Merlin is down in the dungeon. Morgana is just confused as hell as to why some old sorcerer is taking credit for the things she did. LOL

Gaius takes forever and it isn’t until Merlin is being marched to the pyre, FFS, that he shows up with the potion. Merlin uses magic to create a diversion, grabs the potion and runs. Arthur and the guards are in pursuit but happen upon young Merlin rather than an old sorcerer so as far as they are concerned the old man got away.

Gwen and Arthur discuss how Uther cannot see any signs of affection between them, and Gwen says she’ll count the days until Arthur is king and they can be together.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…I don’t know. I can’t think of anything I’d change really.

Thing(s) I loved about this episode—Dragoon the Great! I love old Merlin. Seriously. Every episode with him (Yeah, there are more) makes me laugh. Colin Morgan plays that brilliantly.

Thing(s) I hated about this episode—Excessive smirking from Morgana-but this is nothing new. Hate how easily manipulated everyone is by Morgana.

Something I never noticed about this episode before—So apparently Arthur and Merlin share clothes (the shirt) now?

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Doesn’t it look like Arthur is wearing the same shirt as Merlin was earlier in the episode? (Sans neckerchief, thank you very much. ROWR) This could go along with the head canon question too…clearly they are involved and share clothes. Case closed. Merthur lives!

Proof of some head canon I’ve created—Don’t know if this adds proof to Merther (which isn’t solely my head canon not did I “create” it, I just love it so much) but the fact that Arthur had a glimmer of recognition when Merlin was disguised. I just think it goes to show Arthur notices/knows Merlin.

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Favorite costume—Colin as Dragoon, because it makes me laugh. 


What would Bron steal from Camelot in this episode? Arthur’s picnic blanket and pillows. And perhaps the prince reclining on them as well. (The serving girl has to go, though)


What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode?

Uther is using Neil’s Dom voice. #MerlinClub

— Jenny Spoopy Trout (@Jenny_Trout) October 7, 2014

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