MERLIN CLUB: Lancelot du Lac

Or the *Other* Episode Jess Doesn’t Like

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Many apologies for the short recap this week. I’m deep, deep, deep in the writing cave right now, super excited about what I’m working on, and sneaking out to get this done. So I’m rushing to finish this, and thowing some pretty Colin pics in for good measure, and jumping back into the current ms.

RECAP—Arthur tells Greasy Agravaine that he plans to marry Guinevere. GA isn’t happy about that and runs to Morgana to whine about it. Morgana gets worried and pissed off and goes off to the Dochraid—a freaky looking old lady…

images…who wishes Morgana to bring back the old way. She tells Morgana how to use a coin to raise a shade, which Morgana does—of Lancelot. Because surely Lancelot’s return will ruin any plans for Guinevere and Arthur to marry.

In Camelot, Guinevere has accepted Arthur’s proposal, and he has thrown a tournament to celebrate. And who should show up—shade!Lancelot. Everyone is so happy to see him, even though Merlin is a bit suspicious, especially when Lancelot has no memory of Merlin’s magic. Gwen, though happy that Lancelot has returned, is still loyal to her future husband, so Morgana gives Greasy Agravaine a bracelet that is enchanted to reawaken Gwen’s feelings for the knight. Lancelot gives her the bracelet as a wedding gift with well wishes.

Merlin finds out that Lancelot is a shade and, after correctly assuming Morgana is behind it, watches him carefully during the tournament, ready to stop him from harming Arthur—with magic if necessary. He’s perplexed when Lancelot yields to Arthur, but things become clearer when he sees Gwen sneaking into Lancelot’s tent after the tournament.

Gwen is clearly under the influence of the bracelet and agrees to meet Lancelot in the council chambers later that night. Merlin tries to stop Lancelot but is knocked out. Greasy Agravaine wakes Arthur and leads him down to find Lancelot and Gwen kissing. Arthur is furious and goes after Lancelot. A recovered Merlin stops Lancelot from killing Arthur by disarming him, and when Arthur presses his advantage, Gwen jumps between the two men and begs them to stop. Lancelot and Gwen are taken to the dungeons. Gwen pulls off the bracelet and throws it in the corner—breaking the enchantment.

GA tries to convince Arthur that both Gwen and Lancelot need to die for their actions—saying that Uther would have done so (fucktard). When Arthur confronts Gwen—and that scene…damn Bradley James kicked its ASS—she apologizes and says she loves him, but was drawn to Lancelot. Although brokenhearted, Arthur can’t bear to have Gwen killed and banishes her from Camelot.

Merlin wants to tell Arthur that Lancelot is a shade but Gaius argues that doesn’t change the fact that Gwen betrayed the king. So yes, folks, more secrets abound in Camelot. Merlin does try to talk to Arthur—telling his friend that Gwen is a good person and should be forgiven. Arthur admits he still loves her but can never trust her.

Meanwhile, GA brings Lancelot a message from Morgana—and he kills himself on her orders. Arthur asks that he receive a proper burial. Merlin takes his friend to a lake and puts his body on a boat. He says a spell

tumblr_myha8fYOsJ1rhjbazo1_1280 tumblr_myha8fYOsJ1rhjbazo2_1280—assuming it frees Lancelot’s soul from Morgana’s control. The knight wakens for a moment—long enough to tell Merlin thank you before dying peacefully. Merlin sends the boat out onto the lake and sets it on fire.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… I hate the way the writers have screwed every woman in this series. They’ve taken Morgana—a beautiful, smart character—and made her boring and stupid and flat. Same could be said for Guinevere. A character that had so much potential who now has no value except for her connection to Arthur. I actually hate that they had her be enchanted. I’d have found it more real and compelling if she genuinely had feelings for Lancelot and made the mistake of giving in to those feelings. But she can’t make a mistake because she has to be perfect. Too perfect, in my book.

Thing(s) I loved about this episode—Bradley James, hands down, is my favorite thing about this episode. He acts his ass off. Betrayed Arthur, heartbroken Arthur…just wow.

Thing(s) I hated about this episode—Aside from what I said in the first question…I hate that Arthur will always remember Lancelot as the man who betrayed him. He’ll never know it wasn’t actually his friend who did that. I hate the whole bracelet thing, and that no one suspected that Gwen was under an enchantment.

Something I never noticed about this episode before—When the Dochraid tells Morgana what to do with the coin, she says to go to this pool, throw the coin in, and her wish will come true. It makes it sound as though ANY wish would come true. Why…why…WHY would Morgana wish to bring Lancelot back when she could have wished for ANYTHING. She could have wished for the throne to be hers, she could have wished Arthur dead…ANYTHING. But she goes through with the plan of bringing Lancelot back, which has no guarantee of bringing her closer to her goals.

Proof of some head canon I’ve created—Got nothing this week.

Favorite costume—Merlin wore my fave combination again this episode. It’s rare, so if I see it, it goes as my fave costume.


What would Bron steal from Camelot the magic pool in this episode? Not a thing, but I think Bron would want this…exactly this…


What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode?  The continual ineffectiveness of Morgana’s plans.

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  1. Yeah, I know we talked about the wish thing last time, but like, so many of Morgana’s plans could be more effective if shortened by four or five steps.

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