Or the One With the Pantless Wrestling…Rowr

RECAP – A man sneaks into a Druid camp at night and steals a metal artifact. It’s a part of something and when he hold it to another piece, they magically fuse.

2thirds DoneHe’s caught by the druids, but he manages to escape with the artifact. The man then arrives in Camelot and goes immediately to Gaius. He asks the physician to help him find the last piece of the Triskelion—which is the key to the tomb of Ashkanar where the last remaining dragon’s eggs rests. Apparently, the last part of the Triskelion is in the vaults of Camelot, but Gaius refuses to help and sends the man away.

The man is Julius Borden, a former pupil of Gaius’ before the Great Purge.

We already saw Bridget Jones’ mum on Merlin, why not her one-hit-wonder friend as well? 🙂

When Merlin talks about the dragon’s egg, Gaius tells him that Borden is not to be trust. Merlin goes to Kilgharrah, who is way super excited that there’s an egg out there and he’s not the last of the dragons after all. He tells Merlin he has to go get the egg and the warlock promises to do it.

Merlin goes to Borden and offers him help, which the other man accepts. Merlin goes through much to get the keys to the vaults from Arthur—and these are some of the best scenes in the episode.


and the BEST scene EVER…(and Greasy Agravaine’s expressions are hilarious…the tags aren’t mine but made me giggle more)


And it all worked and Merlin gets the key (because Arthur was too excited annoyed that Merling was trying to jump him in front of his council that he didn’t notice it being taken.)


He gives the keys to Borden who knocks out the guards and finds the last part of the Triskelion. Once it is whole, he knocks out Merlin aas well and escapes.

Merlin wakes and Arthur knows all about the theft and how the tomb holds the last dragon’s egg. He means to go after Borden, find the egg and destroy it. Because magic is evil, yo. Before they leave, a pissed off Gaius tells Merlin he screwed up. Either the egg will be destroyed by Arthur or who knows what Borden will do with it.

Arthur, along with Merlin, Leon, Percival, Elyan and Gwaine, head out. When they camp for the night, Merlin hears voices. It’s the Druids. They give him information on where the tomb is, that it seems to be a dead end, and warn him of traps. They continue on. Borden attacks them and Percival is wounded. In the thigh, not the bare arms, which is just crazy. Merlin disarms Borden with magic and the man runs away.

That night Borden sling shots a packet of poison into the groups food which Arthur and the knights eat. Luckily they are pigs and leave nothing for Merlin so he’s able to save them using magic. He pursues Borden alone to the tomb while the group sleeps off the effects of the poison.

He tries to warn him of the traps, but Borden doesn’t listen. He uses the Triskelion to open the tomb and gets a face full of gas in return. It knocks him out. Merlin covers his face and uses magic to blow the gas away. He goes into the tomb and finds the egg. Borden is now awake though and demands Melrin give him the egg, promising him power and riches. Merlin refuses, seeing that the other man only wants the egg for power. And….


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Borden advances but Merlin uses magic again to defend himself. He knocks Borden out or kills him, not really sure there. Merlin grabs the egg.

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This causes the chamber to shake, and Merlin has to hoof it the hell out of there as the tower begins to collapse. And well, Borden is most certainly dead now. Merlin manages to escape and comes upon Arthur and the knights. He tells them that the tomb was a trap and Borden is dead. He also lets them think the egg was destroyed as well—protecting the egg from Arthur.

Back in Camelot, Merlin shows Gaius the egg and the physician says the fate of it now rests with Merlin. He takes it to Kilgharrah. The dragon tells him that only a dragonlord can hatch a dragon’s egg by giving the dragon inside a name. Merlin names the dragon Aithusa and the wee one hatches. Everyone’s happy. For now.

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If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…I would have had Gaius actually share with Merlin why he doesn’t trust Borden. He can hardly be surprised by Merlin’s actions – helping Borden to get the dragon’s egg. It’s not like it’s out of character for Merlin; Gauis should have seen it coming and explained. Of course, so much trouble in this series could be avoided if people actually talked.

Thing(s) I loved about this episode—I liked Merlin having a “quest” that had to do with his being a dragonlord – that it wasn’t all centered around secretly saving Arthur’s ass.

Loved all the moments when Merlin was trying to get the keys. 😀

Colin Morgan’s hands…guh



And BABY DRAGON. Aithusa is freaking adorable.

Thing(s) I hated about this episode—The dickish knights as they are going after Borden. I know they play it off as all in good fun, teasing between “friends” but I think they were dicks. The oldest kid thinks I’m too sensitive when it comes to Merlin – that he’s a big boy who can take care of himself. He had the nerve to call me crazy! 😛 (Yeah, crazy for my Merlin :-P)

I also hate how the trend continues that people talk about shit and don’t even think that people may be listening. Granted, Gaius wouldn’t be worried about Merlin overhearing his conversation with Borden, but if Merlin could overhear it from his room, is it that much of a stretch that someone in the hallway could overhear? Don’t think so.

Something I never noticed about this episode before—Got nothing here this week.

Proof of some head canon I’ve created—Please…Merthur is so alive and kicking in this episode. It gives me warm fuzzies. 🙂


Favorite costume—It’s a tie.

Wet Merlin
Sleepy-just-rolled-out-of-bed-to-eavesdrop Merlin (Look at the collarbones in teh candlelight….SWOON)

And just for good measure… dirty Merlin.

Dirty, dirty Merlin

What would Bron steal from Camelot on the quest to stop Borden in this episode? A waterfall…because who wouldn’t want a waterfall…

tumblr_mi3zqeAx6M1riwg4bo2_250 tumblr_mi3zqeAx6M1riwg4bo3_250 tumblr_mi3zqeAx6M1riwg4bo4_250

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode?  I don’t know. This was a hard one this week. What I keep thinking of is just how cute Aithusa is and the hope she represents, and (sorry, slight vague spoiler…) how it all turns out. Does that make you lose your shit, Jen?


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