March Check-in

Okay, let’s see how I did with the goals I set for March…

    • Keep on keeping on with the self-care and house stuff – I have been rocking this. So yay!
    • Publish Safeword Protected –  Sigh. Didn’t get it published. Nearly finished with getting it ready to go and very close to be ready to do this. Really unhappy about not accomplishing this. 
    • Complete Into the Deep – This did not happen. Definitely another case of setting unrealistic goals for myself. They seem realistic when I make them, but again, I don’t take into account the non-writing stuff. Or I guess I don’t accuratetly estimate how much time the non-writing stuff with take. This is something I’m working on…like hardcore working on it. 
    • Complete March Newsletter short – Done.
    • Complete all scheduled March blog posts – DONE! Super happy with myself on this one!
    • Update Writing Bujo – Have been keeping this updated. 🙂
    • Put together Publishing and Marketing Bujo – This is a work in progress – and will be because that’s the nature of it LOL –  but it has been put together and I’m very happy with it. I think this is going to be an amazing tool. 
    • Fix mss. templates – Done.

Now, for April goals:

  • Publish Safeword
  • Complete Into the Deep (much more doable this month as Safeword will be off my plate and not as much non-writing stuff pulling at me.)
  • Self-care and house stuff – keep up with this. Makes my mind clearer and I’m able to focus more.
  • Complete all scheduled April blog posts
  • Complete May newsletter short
  • Keep Writing & Publishing and Marketing bujos updated
  • Come up with a reasonable writing schedule for the next couple months (Keyword: REASONABLE, Jarman!)

Bronwyn Green | Deelylah Mullin 

4 Replies to “March Check-in”

  1. *squirming in seat* Safeword is coming out? Like in April? Can’t wait! Saving my pennies!

    BTW – You rock!

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